Baba’s work: “If you work for Him honestly, with an open heart, God helps”


“God is free, independent; and to know Him, we must work wholeheartedly and with no reservation. One who is free does not like any reservation. If you work for Him honestly, with an open heart, God helps. Don’t become a flatterer and never be dishonest to yourself and others. Be natural and honestly simple. I consider one as my center who loves me wholeheartedly for the sake of love. God may make me give that gift which is permanent. Only God is real. God is all Love; God is all Wisdom; God is all Power; God is all Beauty; God is Everything.”, p3379
Jul, 1953; Dehra Dun

Baba’s-Work: “Yet I want workers. Why? To make people ready to receive what God will make me give.”


“If you look back on my life and work, I never have anything permanent. Hospitals, schools, ashrams were constructed and pulled down, because I have no need of any establishment or organization. Yet I want workers. Why? To make people ready to receive what God will make me give. The morning sun sheds its rays everywhere, but the sun does not need connection with the whole world. If after 400 or 700 years the world is full of houses and there is no room for its rays to penetrate the world and reach mankind, the sun may then resort to making people remove the roofs of houses so that its full rays may fall on everything and everyone. I want such persons who can demolish the roofs of low desires by spreading my message of love, so that when the time comes — like a cloudless day at twelve noon — people can receive the “rays.”, p3379
Jul, 1953; Dehra Dun

“You can control actions”

When Bill drove Baba to the theater on this occasion, he was worried about his thoughts. Baba knew his mind and comforted him,

“Don’t worry about thoughts. It is almost impossible to control thoughts. Let them come and go. It is very difficult to control feelings, but actions can be controlled. Don’t let feelings become actions. You can control actions.”, p4110
Aug, 1956; Sydney


“Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and my name is the mosquito net. When you are within the mosquito net, the mosquitoes may buzz around you, but they cannot bite you. Thus, by repeating my name, like the mosquito net, it will save you from the stings of the mosquito-thoughts that try to distract you, and you will be unmoved.”, p2180
Dec, 1940; Calicut


“The perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone”


“The perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone. Yet, if man does not release that spring by removing the ego-blockade, he inevitably suffers in innumerable ways.

All that lives is striving for happiness; yet a thousand and one pains and fears attend upon every pleasure which man seeks through the ignorance of exclusiveness.

All over the world, man buries himself in egoism and multicolored attachments to the false, depriving himself of the intrinsic and self-sustained happiness that does not wane.

He seeks happiness through the perishing and transitional, and invites upon himself the sufferings of closed consciousness. One must contact the ocean of unfading bliss within, and be free of the limiting duality of “I” and “you,” to unveil the perennial spring of imperishable sweetness which is within each and all.”


“Make your heart my center”


Baba asked: “Now what do you understand when I tell you to make your hearts my centers?”

Answering himself, Baba stated: “The devotion you express in your bhajan singing and talks about me shape your lives according to what you express. Now I tell you, in your daily lives be more careful of your thoughts, words and actions. If you go against what you express, it would be an insult to me.”, p4228
Dec, 1957; Guruprasad

“In order to be able to help others, you yourself must first have knowledge”


Q. What’s the solution of this world-wide misery ? Will it be solved through martyrdom ?

Baba: Yes, through martyrdom by many. But that is a question of collective effort. What about you personally ?

Q. I am not concerned about myself personally.

Baba: But the personal question does come in, even with a desire to serve others selflessly, as you do, because your individual efforts for the good of others have a collective effect. For example, a leper amongst a crowd of healthy people would spoil the whole atmosphere with the infection of disease. So also another, scented profusely, and emitting delicious odours from his person, would spread fragrance around him. That is, personal means collective, and collective means personal. So in order to be able to help others, you yourself must first have knowledge and power.

(Forty-three interviews with Baba, 1934, Zurich)

Life’s struggle


All life is an effort to attain freedom from self-created entanglement. It is a desperate struggle to undo what has been done under ignorance, to throw away the accumulated burden of the past, to find rescue from the debris left by a series of temporary achievements and failures. Life seeks to unwind the limiting sanskaras of the past and to obtain release from the mazes of its own making, so that its further creations may spring directly from the heart of eternity and bear the stamp of unhampered freedom and intrinsic richness of being which knows no limitation.

–  “Not We, But One”, p43

Baba-work – “Live what you preach”


Live what you preach. Have 100 percent honesty or keep your mouths shut! The best judge as to whether you are honest and living up to what you preach is your own heart.

Narrating an incident long ago from the life of Prophet Muhammad, illustrating how one should live up to what one preaches to others, Baba said:

Muhammad was very fond of eating dates. One day a mother brought her son to him, complaining that the boy ate a lot of dates every day and so suffered from dysentery. The boy refused to obey his parents, and told them that he would not eat dates only if Muhammad told him not to do so. Muhammad could not tell the boy not to eat dates, when he himself was very fond of them and ate a lot of them. He told the mother and son to come back after a few days. Meanwhile, Muhammad stopped eating dates and when the mother came with the boy, he told the boy not to eat dates. The boy obeyed at once.

If you tell others not to tell lies, then even at the cost of your life, you should not tell a lie; otherwise, it would amount to hypocrisy. My workers should be 100 percent honest and do my work with all hearts united. Both the parties must give in; only then will there be no trouble in Baba-work., p4994
May, 1963; Guruprasad

Baba-work: “Hypocrisy spoils Baba’s work!”



Baba brought up the subject of the previous day’s meeting, and summed up how his work should be done:

“There should be no feelings of anger, jealousy and dislike among my lovers. No decision can be arrived at if you all speak at once and do not practice what you speak. All your hearts must be united in my work. One must live according to what one tells others to do; otherwise, it will never impress them.”

Baba asked one of the main workers if the workers were satisfied with the way his work was being conducted in Andhra. He replied in the negative. Baba stated,

“Hypocrisy spoils Baba’s work! Purity of heart and the feeling of oneness with others are required while working for me.”

… Baba summarized by saying, “In short, there must not be jealousy or backbiting among the workers. Be 100 percent honest. If you have something to say about another worker, tell it honestly to his face, and not behind his back.”, p4993
May, 1963; Guruprasad

“Resign yourself to my will 100 percent”


One devotee was deeply depressed due to some personal problems. Baba assured him, “Resign yourself to my will 100 percent, and I shall take care of everything.”, p4993
May, 1963; Guruprasad

“Do not worry. Be happy in my love and continue to hold fast to my daaman to the very end. Rest assured that all will be divinely well. God does not abandon those who trust Him.”
(, p4617)