30 Sep 2012 – Leaving everything to Him-6

Leave all your pleasures and pains to me!


Those who lose their all in me find their all in me ever after.


While they waited, Baba chatted lightheartedly with his lovers, who sat around him in a circle on chairs and on the floor. He remarked, “I want you all […]

29 Sep 2012 – Leaving everything to Him-5

Leave everything to me – “Baba, your will is my will”


Adarsh Khare said, “I want such love whereby I can really see you.”

Baba replied, “For such love, my grace is required.

If showered spontaneously and of my own accord, it is like nectar. If asked for, it is like plain water. […]

28 Sep 2012 – Leaving everything to Him-4


Leave everything to me


The following is Beryl Williams’ description of her first meeting with Baba at the Barn on May 17th:

Delia opened the door for me and said, “Baba, this is Beryl.” As I hesitated at the entrance, Baba rose from his chair and stood with outstretched open arms to me. […]

27 Sep 2012 – Leaving everything to Him-3

When you leave all to me I dare not neglect


DURING THIS PERIOD, Jehangu Sukhadwala, Baba’s niece Gulnar’s husband, was working at the Poona airport. One evening as he was riding home on his scooter, he hit a pothole in the road and his brakes jammed. He was flung to the far side […]

26 Sep 2012 – Leaving everything to Him-2

Either keep the burden yourself or give it up entirely

The great mistake you make is that you lift the burden from your head, but instead of placing it on the head of the One who willingly accepts it with all responsibility, you keep it hanging over you in the air, […]

25 Sep 2012 – Leaving everything to Him

Leave everything to Baba with one hundred percent faith


You must have complete faith in me. When an individual has one hundred percent faith in me and leaves everything to me, the burden automatically falls on my shoulders. I have my Universal work to do and I am totally engrossed […]

24 Sep 2012 – Loosening the ego

Anita de Caro was an artist of some talent; she did a drawing inCannesand showed it to Baba, who commented that it was remarkably good and assured her that she was indeed an artist. Baba then asked Rano’s opinion and she said she honestly did not care for it. Baba reproached her, “How can you […]

22 Sep 2012 – To have attraction for the world is like taking poison

They then returned to the hotel for lunch and went again to Saint Mark’s Square at four in the afternoon. At the request of his lovers, their photographs were individually taken with Baba feeding the pigeons.

When they arrived back at the hotel, however, Baba was in an obviously unhappy mood. He gathered the group […]

20 Sep 2012 – When Baba wants to get to you, he gets to you

The entire group had followed Baba to the airport to see him off (1956 USA trip, departing from US to Australia), but as he had indicated, Baba prohibited any of them from embracing him. He frowned as one woman broke into loud weeping and begged for an embrace. Yet to one here and there, he […]

18 Sep 2012 – I like the abuse of my lovers more than the praise of sycophants

THE NEXT DAY, Sunday, September 19th, an event happened on the way to Meherabad. V. G. Luktuke (nicknamed “Mama,” meaning Uncle), age fifty-four, lived near Akbar Press and had first met Baba through Nusserwan Satha at the Meherabad birthday celebration in 1938. These days, however, Luktuke was upset, as he had not received a copy […]