17 Sep 2012 – Kitty Davy’s obedience to Baba’s order

Kitty Davy was supervising the kitchen and had Baba’s order not to let any food go to waste. She was daily ordering fresh bread from the market, but each day some would be left over. One day, Kitty collected the stale bread and made bread pudding. No one liked the dish, so there was a […]

16 Sep 2012 – How Baba reunited the lost son with parents

MEANWHILE, when Chhagan was out looking for a boy, he spotted a very handsome youth working in a restaurant in Wai. He asked the boy if he would come with him to Panchgani, and the boy replied he would first have to ask his employer. Finally after much persuasion, the hotel manager yielded the boy […]

14 Sep 2012 – Sense of duty and love for their Beloved

” In keeping with my general instructions, news was recently given me of the death of R. and A.’s younger son at Karachi. I asked for full details … the little boy accidentally fell from the upper story of their house and died within half an hour from severe injuries … both the mother and […]

13 Sep 2012 – Cured of leprosy by Baba’s grace

Baba then cited the instance of Vibhuti, who came to him in 1925, before Baba began observing silence. Vibhuti stayed here, did nam-japa [repetition of God’s name], fasted, as were my orders. After a while, he, on his own, went back to Nasik from where he had come. He started telling people there he was […]

12 Sep 2012 – They are like stones and their time has not yet come

A hostel for poor students was situated between the Grafton and Rosewood bungalows. When Baba walked by it daily, the principal and pupils would stand on one side of the road to offer salutations and were very drawn to him. But adjoining it was another student hostel whose students would ridicule them. Once, they surrounded […]

11 Sep 2012 – Only by God’s grace can one be saved



I spoke to Baba about someone who, in order to protect his family and himself from destruction foretold by Baba, wanted to establish a home way up in the mountains, and stock it with the necessary food.

Baba interrupted me and said, “No place will be safe, not even the […]

09 Sep 2012 – Boy finds The True Master!

Once, when Eruch had gone to meet Baba, who was returning to Rishikesh from a mast trip, he passed through a forest area known as the Abode of Sages, where yogis and rishis live and meditate on God in their tiny white huts. In one dilapidated hut, Eruch saw a handsome teenage boy lying down.


07 Sep 2012 – The Highest of the High

[Today is 7th Sept and on this day in 1953 Baba gave the Highest of the High message.]

On Sunday evening, September 6th [1953, Dehra Dun], after Baba had sent the mandali for their food, Eruch was alone with Baba when a car pulled up and stopped outside their house. Out of the […]

05 Sep 2012 – The power of faith cured patients

Today 5th September is Pendu’s birthday. Here is an incident that happened on 5th Sept 1955 at Satara.

Unbeknownst, another doctor of sorts was also treating people in Satara. Years ago in Iran, Baidul acted as a doctor and used to cure those afflicted by invoking Baba’s name and intervention, and then administering boiled garlic […]

04 Sep 2012 – Truth is far beyond wanting

“Will I realize the Truth in this incarnation?” was an ardent question put to Baba by a young seeker one day.

Baba replied, “Why be so eager, so impatient? How will you profit by my reply? If I were to say that you will realize the Truth in this very life, will you gain anything […]