31 Oct 2012 – A day before the East-West Gathering – some incidents

Guruprasad Bungalow, Pune


[Baba met with His Western lovers on 31st Oct 1962, a day before the start of the East-West Gathering, Guruprasad, Pune. Here are some anecdotes/messages of that day.]

After Baba embraced each one individually, someone asked about habits and becoming a slave to them, to which Baba replied, “If you […]

30 Oct 2012 – Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)- concluding part 8

Baba upon the Seclusion Hill, Meherazad


(Continued from previous post)

[Baba started the Manonash work (the God-determined step) on 16 Oct 1951 at Khojaguda cave, Hyderabad and proceeded mostly on foot via Gulbarga, Aurangabad, Khuldabad, Imampur etc., to reach the Seclusion Hill (alias Manonash hill/Tembi hill) at Meherazad and concluded this work on […]

Program schedule – East-West Gathering – 50th Anniversary Commemoration – 1-4 Nov 2012, Meherabad

1962 East West Gathering


Venue: Amphitheater, Upper Meherabad


East-West Gathering 50th Anniversary Commemoration Program

Meherabad 1st-4th November 2012


Thursday 1st November 2012

-Morning Session: 9:30AM – 12:30PM-

9:30 – Garlanding Baba’s Photo9:35 – Master’s PrayerAdi Sachetan Aarti9:50 – Welcome Song . . . . . […]

21 Oct 2012 – New Life means ‘Absolute Renunciation’


Meher Baba with companions going for begging at Dr Nath’s house in Benares



“Hopelessness means renunciation of all hopes. “Aimlessness means renunciation of all aims. “Helplessness means renunciation of all help. “No master, no disciple, means renunciation of spirituality. And the New Life I have in mind eventually means […]

20 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (final part)


(continued from previous episode)


Two more years slipped by and then the telegram came “Leave all and come to me.”

At once the young man left his home and went straight to Baba.

“This time, I won’t send you back”, Baba reassured him. “Now you should stay here with me. Forget your […]

19 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (part-3)

(continuing from previous episode)

Out of his obedience to Baba and in fulfillment of the responsibility that his Master had assigned to him, the young man continued to live with his family, keeping Baba’s injunctions in mind, and every day he waited for the telegram that would release him from his worldly bondage and allow […]

18 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (Part-2)

(continuing from last episode)


“What have you renounced?” Baba asked.

“My wife, children, house, job everything. I have renounced everything. The world is dead to me.” The young man spoke with real sincerity, and it seemed clear to the mandali that among the many so-called seekers who had presented themselves to Beloved Baba, this […]

17 Oct 2012 – What is the New Life? (Part-1)

Interpretations of various Aspects of the New Life

by Bhau Kalchuri

What is the New Life? When the search for God begins, we leave our old life behind and seek a new life. But the search for God is not an easy matter. Therefore, each time the Avatar comes, He […]

16 Oct 2012 – The New Life is endless!


AFTER BREAKFAST on Monday, February 20th, 1950, Baba called the companions, and again explained in detail the implications and importance of the conditions. The entire day was spent in discussing and repeating the conditions of the various plans. A list of all the conditions was made, and Baba dictated the following:

But this […]

13 Oct 2012 – How Eruch joined Baba’s mandali


Eruch Jessawala reading out Baba’s message from the alphabet board

(Eruch Jessawala 13 Oct 1916 – 31 Aug 2001)


Eruch narrating about how he joined Baba’s mandali:

HAVING BEEN BORN into a Zoroastrian family, I was brought up by my parents on the ancient Zoroastrian precepts of good […]