20121212 – Sanskaras and liberation – part – 2 (final)



This bondage of actions is the tie that is deep-rooted and cannot be easily uprooted and gotten rid of. Good actions bind a man with a golden chain, and bad actions with an iron spiked one. But the chain is there in either case, and the man is never set free. Yoga […]

20121211 – Sanskaras and liberation – part – 1

Later in the evening of October 4th, after dinner, the Master expounded on the function of the Sadguru, explaining more about yoga, sanskaras and mukti – liberation:

No yogi can gain eternal freedom or emancipation, even though he might have reached the highest yogic state of samadhi through his practices, because sanskaras […]

20121209 – The easiest and quickest way for salvation is to serve a Perfect Master


The easiest way to immortality is contact with a spiritual Master, and the simplest requirement is intense longing for realizing God. For this, persistent effort is needed. All other paths are quite long and full of difficulties. Service is said to be the highest religion, yet hundreds of thousands of births […]

20121208 – An attitude of surrender to the Master is essential to reach God

Baba scolded another of the mandali that same day but the man spoke back to him instead of keeping quiet. This caused Baba to explain to all the mandali:

Why do you get angry so often? You frequently break my orders. Then if I have anything to say about it, you […]

20121206 – The closer a person is to a Perfect Master, the better it is for him

One day, some of the men mandali felt discouraged and began reflecting on their years with the Master. They concluded that they had gained nothing spiritual by being with him. Some time later during the course of a conversation with the same men, Meher Baba stopped and gave this unexpected discourse:

You eat food […]

20121205 – Who gave all these different religions? part2 (final)


Shariat can also be compared to the knowledge of a city, such as Bombay, from a map; the various activities and troubles one undergoes in reaching Bombay, procuring the money for the railway fare, reaching the station and then travelling in the train, can be taken as tariqat. Then when one nears Bombay […]

20121204 – Who gave all these different religions? – Part 1


At three in the afternoon on December 4th, Meher Baba discoursed about the different religions of the world:

Who gave all these different religions? The Avatars! Why have they done so? To establish principles for people and to bring people to the point where their faces are turned toward God. Muhammad and Buddha […]

20121203 – Childhood is the ideal period of life to take an interest in spirituality-part 2 (final)


Baba with children

Adults rarely attain lasting enthusiasm or longing. When I give a fascinating discourse or logical explanation about divine grandeur or spiritual bliss, even adults certainly become fired up with a longing to search for Truth and to fathom the secrets of the universe. But unhappily, their ardor and […]

20121202 – Childhood is the ideal period of life to take an interest in spirituality-part 1

A class in progress taught by Raosaheb

  From then on, every morning Edke (newly appointed teacher) would walk from his home to Meherabad. The first day he met Baba coming down the hill around seven o’clock, with Kaka Shahane holding an umbrella over Baba’s head. When Baba saw him, he instructed, […]