20121214 – What are sanskaras? Part-2



The only wanting, the only desiring that binds for freedom is love. The lover, too, wants. The lover wants Union, but in this union the ‘I’ gets so feeble that the binding, instead of hindering, helps to free. The moth around the candle-flame wants union with the flame, but the wanting ‘I’ is so feeble that the moth does not think for a moment about the result and is not a bit afraid of being burnt. Why? ‘I’ in love is very feeble. It is clear? – The Awakener, Vol 16, No. 2, p53

Sanskaras in general are called prarabdha sanskaras. Prarabdha literally means of destiny. These are applied to the whole universe in evolution from the state of a minute atom to the state of God-Realization. Prarabdha sanskaras are those that help the soul gain consciousness in order to go through evolution – from the very beginning to the very end – to attain unity.

The prarabdha impressions which govern the whole universe of duality are of greed and its opposite; of anger and its opposite; of all bad and of all good thoughts, words and deeds. Good sanskaras, bad sanskaras – both are prarabdha.

To be free from prarabdha sanskaras, either
– the good sanskaras must overlap the bad sanskaras,
– the individual ego must be annihilated by service, or
– the limited self must merge in love.

Good sanskaras and bad sanskaras are impressions and both bind. Due to the evolutionary process, the soul gathers all sanskaras throughout, up to the human form – animal sanskaras, as they are called. Therefore in human form, where the soul is fully conscious, the bad sanskaras already overlap the good ones. If now the good sanskaras were to overlap the bad ones, what would happen is that both would disappear.

–www.lordmeher.org, p2250

[For a detailed account on Sanskaras, refer to the book  ‘Discourses’  by Baba.
pdf version
online version
audio version]

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