Be Soldiers of God

In the town of Jarakhar, Shripat Sahai had made separate living accommodations for Baba and the mandali in a school building. The children there shouldered wooden guns, and, being the Commander-in-Chief, Kumar thought of parading them. Baba appeared, and without having been told of Kumar’s idea, instructed him to start the parade. Kumar began […]

The Life Eternal – Part 2 (Final)

Actually, everything in the evolutionary creation is wrought solely by the Infinite Power of God, Who works in eternal silence – from behind the screen as it were – unknown, unfelt and even unsuspected by most players who are in the passing flashlight of the stage. Some, through the grace of the Masters, or […]

The Life Eternal – Part 1


Besides his explanation of the Fiery Free Life, seven other messages (dictated by Baba in October at Meherazad) were printed in different languages as a booklet, which was distributed among the crowd gathered at each place. ..One of Meher Baba’s prepared messages was entitled Life Eternal:

Without beginning and without end, the caravan […]

Baba’s Real Grace!

A blind boy, who had arrived in Dhanauri while Baba was giving mass darshan, groped his way through the crowd and came to the dais. Guiding him, some people took him by the arm and brought him before Baba, who handed him prasad. When darshan was over, Baba headed toward the village of Banda. […]

God hears a poor man’s prayer

Proceeding, Baba entered a lane inhabited by poor hut dwellers. It was 6:45 P.M. and growing dark. Approaching one hut with a cot outside, Baba sat down on the ground. It belonged to a mason, and a single kerosene light burned inside. Taken aback, the mason, named Bantumalli Lakshmadu, came out and sat near […]

Real healing is spiritual healing


On April 25th, Baba answered questions, explaining various things, among them miracles: “Why should we produce petty imitation illusions in the already created mighty infinite illusion? Unless absolutely necessary for the spiritual purpose of a general collective drawing of mankind toward Self-Realization, miracles performed unnaturally or supernaturally can interfere with God’s ordained evolutionary […]

“My Christmas blessings to you to hold fast to my daaman.”

“My Christmas blessings to you to hold fast to my daaman.”

(Lord Meher, p5518)


When Norina encountered Baba in Harmon, tears of ecstasy rolled down her cheeks and she totally forgot herself. Her life became Baba’s and she dedicated herself completely at his feet. Later, she described […]

Leaving fate to God

Shatrugna Kumar was now accepted as if one of the men companions and was permitted to see Baba often. On April 20th, he came with Jamnadas, the Mahant of the village. Baba explained to them, “For you both, I feel a sort of responsibility of love. In the New Life, I am not meeting […]

Fiery Free Life, Explained – Part 2 (Final)


The Perfect Ones, who retain normal consciousness and the body even after realizing the unchanging and absolute Truth, dwell eternally in Divine Love, which transcends all duality and surpasses all understanding. They enjoy abiding and unassailable peace, for they have at last arrived at the final goal of creation.

I have no connection […]

Fiery Free Life, Explained – Part 1

Thereafter, Baba’s explanation of his Fiery Free Life was read out to the crowd:

The role which God has willed for me has had several phases. The pre-Realization ordinary state, the Old Life state of realized divinity, the New Life state of perfect humility and intensive seeking of God as Truth through the […]