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20130131 – Events of January 1969 – Part 8

When Baba was informed that Dr. Ginde had still not arrived, he sent Aloba to phone Adi at his office, telling him to phone Dr. Grant in Poona to send Ginde straight to Meherazad.

At noon, Baba remembered Ginde again, asking whether he had arrived. When the answer was in the negative, Baba sadly […]

20130130 – Events of January 1969 – Part 7

The night of January 30, Baba rested for four hours, sleeping for two and a half hours. At 3:45 A.M. he called Eruch, Pendu, Padri, Bhau and Goher. Repeated shocks made his body rise from the bed. All did. His followers and their generations after them were still waiting for his return by keeping […]

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Timings: 30th Jan 2013 02:00 PM IST – 1st Feb 2013 02:00 PM

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NOTE: when […]

20130129 – Events of January 1969 – Part 6

The doctor (Dr Grant) left, and the shocks again attacked Baba’s body. Eruch, Pendu, Francis and Bhau were in Baba’s room and they held firmly onto his arms and legs. Goher was beside herself, totally at a loss as to what treatment to administer. Baba remarked, “This is my crucifixion! Christ was crucified once, […]

20130128 – Events of January 1969 – Part 5

At one point, referring to Baba’s book, which had not been seen since 1958, Eruch asked, “What about your book?” Baba assured him, “It is in good hands,” and gestured tipping a hat (which, depending on the context, could be interpreted as either Adi Sr., in the West, or with a Westerner).

On Sunday […]

20130127 – Events of January 1969 – Part 4


DURING BHAU’S WATCH on the night of the 24th, Baba gestured to him, “Listen carefully to what I say. I am giving you very important work. I want you to write my biography in verse.” As he was gesturing, Baba would get frequent sharp jolts, and Bhau’s heart broke at seeing his suffering […]

20130126 – Events of January 1969 – Part 3

Baba would sit up for only 15 or 20 minutes, and then the men would slowly help him lie down. So when Nariman and Arnavaz embraced Baba before leaving, they did so gently to avoid causing him the slightest pain. But surprisingly, Baba embraced them so tightly that for a moment they wondered from […]

20130125 – Events of January 1969 – Part 2

On Thursday morning, January 9, while Baba was sitting outside relaxing, taking his sunbath, he mentioned Jesus and the apostles to Adi Jr. and revealed to his brother, “Eruch is my Peter. Peter renounced Jesus, but Eruch will not renounce me.”

Meher Baba stopped taking much nourishment from around the 13th of January. He […]

20130124 – Events of January 1969 – Part 1

Beloved Baba in the Mandali Hall, Meherazad*

[As Amartithi is coming near, let us go through the events that happened during the month of January, 1969, as recorded in Lord Meher to get a glimpse of the suffering our Beloved has undergone for the sake of humanity. As these events constitute running […]