20130123 – People suffer because they love the impossible!

Later that evening a poor man from Malabar in southern India came to see Baba. The following conversation took place:

Baba asked, “Do you have a family?”

“No, I only have my father. I am alone,” the man replied.

“You mean to say that you are all alone?”

“Yes, I am alone here.”

“When aren’t […]

20130120 – If you try to obey, then it is not disobidence


One of the group asked, “What if we want to obey, but for some reason are not able to do so physically or mentally?”

If you want to obey, then it is not disobedience. If, for instance, I say fly and you cannot, it is not disobedience, but you must try to fly! […]

20130117 – The root of all our difficulties, individual and social, is self-interest – Part 3 (final)


The three states of consciousness corresponding to the three vehicles mentioned are: unconsciousness (mental body’s rest) as in deep, dreamless sleep; sub-consciousness (subtle body’s energy) as in dreams or obscured, unformed and unfulfilled desires; waking consciousness (physical body’s movement) as in active daily life. The inner process by which thought passes from the […]

20130116 – The root of all our difficulties, individual and social, is self-interest – Part 2

I intend, when I speak, to reveal the One Supreme Self which is in all. This accomplished, the idea of the Self as a limited, separate entity will disappear, and with it will vanish self-interest. Cooperation will replace competition; certainty will replace fear; generosity will replace greed. Exploitation will disappear.

It has been repeatedly […]

20130115 – The root of all our difficulties, individual and social, is self-interest – Part 1

Since arriving in America, I have been asked many times what solution I have brought for the social problems now confronting you – what did I have to offer that would solve the problems of unemployment, prohibition and crime that would eliminate the strife between individuals and nations, and pour a healing balm of […]

20130114 – Die in Baba, die for Baba and die with Baba

Baba dictated these poignant poetic lines to Francis Brabazon:

“Die in Baba, die for Baba die with Baba, Then you will live as Baba.”

“Deny your false self and your real self asserts itself.”

“Ask for nothing and you will get everything.”

“Renounce everything to such […]

20130113 – Great courage is required to assimilate my blessing – Part-2 (final)



Chavan came and prostrated before Baba. Baba lovingly inquired about his family and then stated, “When you first came to me, I warned you that courage was needed to assimilate my blessing. You do not have that courage. Now, what do you want?”

“Baba, help me. The landlord evicted me and my family […]

20130112 – Great courage is required to assimilate my blessing – Part-1

Vishnu Chavan also came to meet Baba. Although he had been in Baba’s contact for years, Baba did not see him. In fact, none of the Poona lovers were permitted to see Baba, since he was still in seclusion. But Chavan persisted and sent word to Baba that he did not desire anything except […]

20130111 – Message to the youth – Part 2 (final)


Do not balk at the discipline given by your parents and teachers. Discipline in small ways leads to the greater necessary discipline of self. Do not try to conquer others – conquer your self and you will have conquered the world. The simplest way to do this is to love God. Begin to […]

20130110 – Message to the youth – Part 1


[During the visit to the St Mira School, Poona, Baba gave this message to the students.]

The youth of today is the ruling force of tomorrow. All things have a small beginning; the seedling grows into a tree, the stream into a river and the child grows into a man to use or […]