20130215 – Message to students – True culture is the result of spiritual values assimilated in life – Part 1


S. M. Fossil arranged for Baba to visit a local high school. For those students, local artists, social workers and those associated with Madras’ public institutions, Baba gave the following message to those present:

Literacy is not education, and education is not culture – and all these cumulatively do not represent Gnan or […]

20130214 – Significance of prasad

Afterwards Baba walked slowly out of the house, assisted by Adi and Eruch. He stopped near a magnolia tree in the shade and an upholstered chair was brought for him. He began throwing pieces of candy to the men, looking in one direction and throwing in another. Baba remarked, “This is not a game. […]

20130213 – Letter to Delia DeLeon – Nothing can stop God’s work – Part 2 (final)

Delia had written back many questions about this letter, and on Sunday, November 5th, Baba answered them in another letter to her:

Have you not misunderstood my words? It is true that I need no disciples here or elsewhere. I can do my work alone through the heart of man without choosing […]

20130212 – Letter to Delia DeLeon – Be firm as a rock in your faith and love – Part 1

Delia with Mehera and Baba


On October 2 [1938], Baba wrote Delia DeLeon in England the following:

The world is in a state of fear and perplexity. No one knows what is going to happen. But wait and see. I know all, the present and the future, and nothing […]

It is not weaknesses but dishonesty that you should be afraid of


At 4:30 A.M., Waman Rao started the refrain, referring to Baba as Yogi, meaning Shiva:

“Yogi, mut jao, mut jao yogi!” Shiva, don’t go, don’t go, Shiva!

But preparations for departure had already begun and the luggage was being packed. Baba had established himself deeply in the hearts of his Hamirpur lovers, and […]

20130208 – The Great Darshan – Part 5 (final)

The Mighty Beloved

By Francis Brabazon

The Great Darshan, Poona, 1969

Part -3 (final)

He would not be the Beloved if he did not tell the lover to stand up and sit down at the same moment; to become footless, and walk; to become […]

20130207 – The Great Darshan – Part 4


The Mighty Beloved

By Francis Brabazon

The Great Darshan, Poona, 1969

Part -2

The only solution I found was to accept the position: “You alone are and I am not, but we are both here.” And having arrived at this acceptance Baba now taught me […]

20130206 – The Great Darshan – Part 3

The Mighty Beloved

By Francis Brabazon

The Great Darshan, Poona, 1969


I am amazed and filled with joy to discover that the Beloved I have been serving for many years is truly a mighty Beloved.

Of course, I have known all along that he was […]

20130205 – The Great Darshan – Part 2

(Extracted from “An Appointment With God” By Kenneth Lux)

The darshan program began the next day at 9:00 a.m. in Guruprasad Hall. We were met and embraced on the steps of the hall by Mani and some of the other mandali. Mani’s eyes are twin disks of light and her […]

20130204 – The Great Darshan – Part 1

The Great Darshan (An Appointment with God)

Guruprasad, Poona

(10th April – 10th June 1969)

Announcement of the Meher Baba sent out a circular (Life Circular NO.70) from Meherazad on 1st November 1968 informing His lovers all over the world of His decision to give them His darshan next year (1969) from […]