20130316 – Cleansing of the internal state can only be done by a Perfect Master

There are two states, internal and external, divided or separated by a mental curtain or veil. To purify the internal state is not in the hands of any mortal being. It is impossible without the help of a Sadguru. Therefore, unless a person comes across a Perfect Salik, or Sadguru, he should try his […]

20130314 – James McGrew’s meeting with Baba – part 4 (final)

Baba asked Jim, “How did you sleep last night?”

“Pretty well,” Jim answered.

“What are your plans?”

Jim said, “I am leaving India shortly to return to America to go back to school. I’m taking a train from Poona at 3:00 P.M. for Bombay.”

“I am happy to hear this. Don’t miss your train. […]

20130313 – James McGrew’s meeting with Baba – part 3

Baba’s fragrance was exquisite. At first I thought that he had special exotic colognes, but later I was told that Baba’s fragrance was his own natural smell.

Jim sat at his feet and Baba asked him, “Do you know Richard Alpert?”

Jim said, “I know of him but I don’t know him personally.”

“He […]

20130312 – James McGrew’s meeting with Baba – part 2

When Jim walked through the entrance of Guruprasad at about 8:30 A.M., he felt a heavenly stillness. The Biblical expression, “The peace that passeth all understanding,” came to his mind. He thought: “So this is where God lives. Of course, God would be surrounded by this divine atmosphere.” He saw a figure sitting on […]

20130311 – James McGrew’s meeting with Baba – part 1

JAMES HALL MCGREW found out about Baba from Rick Chapman in the summer of 1965 after graduating from college at the age of 21. (Jim and Rick had been long-time friends in high school in Denver, Colorado, and they had been roommates during their freshman year at Harvard in 1961-62.) In the summer of […]

20130310 – I am the Shah Saudagar – The Merchant-King


If you want to know God, the only solution is to catch hold of my daaman [robe]. If you care for God, if you have a sincere longing for Union, then hold on to my garment firmly. But if you have other wants to satisfy, if you want health, riches, children – then […]

20130308 – One who asks for nothing, gets everything

[continued from previous post]

The next morning, May 11th, Baba allowed a few of his lovers private interviews in the Lagoon Cabin. He even sent Adi outside, who was reading the alphabet board. Filis recalled her interview at 9:45 A.M. as follows:

I was alone with God! And, I felt very shy, but happy. […]

20130307 – I want love, nothing else


Adele Wolkin with Baba

After fifteen minutes, Baba called in Filis’ “twin,” Adele Wolkin, age thirty-four. “She has eyes like Babajan,” he remarked, “very large, grey-blue.”

He spelled out to them both: “I heard so much about you both that I feel so happy that at last I have seen you. […]

20130305 – Importance of steady mind and being one-pointed


On December 18, two Europeans named Victor Stomps and Phillip Ball showed up at Nasik for Baba’s darshan. They were Germans interested in Buddhism and were traveling in India. Baba provided their accommodations for the night.

The next day, Baba advised Victor Stomps, “Go to Italy; there you will find a […]

20130304 – You can love Him in any form

Edith Bradbury met Baba at 3:05 P.M. that day, and after her, a Professor Dagray. Baba told him: “All understanding is not knowing. Everything that can be understood is not God … I have said repeatedly all along – since ages, I have been saying: ‘The only thing worth living for and dying for […]