20130430 – Academic knowledge is not the Be-all and End-all of learning

The principal of Saint Vincent’s High School in Poona, the Catholic priest E. R. D’Souza, sent a letter to Baba stating that since Baba had once been a student of that institution, it would be a pleasure to have him present at their Christian inter-faith Thanksgiving service to mark the school’s centenary in October […]

20130428 – Value of education


The next morning at ten o’clock, an argument arose among the teachers Pandoba, Phadke and Ramkrishna Gite about the value of education. Pandoba claimed that education had spoiled India’s traditional family values and trades (such as the son of a tailor or cobbler following in his father’s footsteps), whereas Gite was in favor […]

20130426 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 2 (final)

The police superintendent Turekar again came to Baba with tears in his eyes. His family problems had not abated. Baba consoled him, “Why worry? Be courageous. Think more and more of me. Don’t wear yourself out. I know your love for me and the circumstances you are put in. Thank me for the suffering […]

20130425 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 1

A POLICEMAN, S. M. Turekar came with his wife to meet Baba. When he saw Baba, tears of repentance fell from his eyes. He was an old lover and now a deputy superintendent of police. There were two reasons for his sorrow. Baba had instructed him to be honest, but he became corrupted and […]

20130424 – Realization is impossible until intelligence is purified and freed of imagination


When a few outside visitors came in the evening, Baba explained to them:.

The whole world is enmeshed in the grip of lust for women and wealth, while the real aim of life is to achieve the Truth. Unless God is realized, the purpose of acquiring a human body is frustrated, and the […]

20130423 – Love and intelligence – part 2 (final)


To have Real Understanding, consciousness must remain, and intellect (mind) must go. It does not mean becoming mad like Punjia [an inmate in the Mad Ashram at Rahuri]. What I mean is that intellect should be the means of wholeheartedly achieving ends that are accepted by the heart. And if you obey me […]

20130422 – Love and intelligence part 1


However much I may explain to you about love, it will not be fully understood. You cannot understand it through reading or hearing about it. Yet, I will tell you. Every time you say “Baba, give us your love,” I say love me more and more. I will try to clear up what […]

201300420 – True wisdom is not being hypocritical

To a highly educated group of his lovers, Baba stated …:

It is better to deny God than to make a show of devotion. You may be extraordinarily clever, but in the eyes of God your intelligence has no value if you indulge in hypocrisy. On the other hand, if you are the most […]

20130419 – Remove the mirror of sanskaras and see your own Real Self

“I was Rama, I was Krishna, and I was this One and I was that One. Now I am Meher Baba—the very same Ancient One in flesh and blood—the very same One who is eternally worshipped and neglected, always remembered and forgotten. [Today 19th April 2013 is Rama Navami – birthday of Lord Rama]


20130418 – A metaphor about God-Realization


Meher Baba was discoursing frequently, and during August, he dictated a splendid metaphor about God-Realization:

Suppose the ocean equals God. But in the beginning, the ocean did not know that it was a mighty ocean. This desire to know itself is the wind which created a bubble. The bubble is an atom, and […]