20130418 – A metaphor about God-Realization


Meher Baba was discoursing frequently, and during August, he dictated a splendid metaphor about God-Realization:

Suppose the ocean equals God. But in the beginning, the ocean did not know that it was a mighty ocean. This desire to know itself is the wind which created a bubble. The bubble is an atom, and […]

20130417 – By ignoring God’s Truth, a tremendous adverse reaction is produced

Man’s inability to live God’s words makes them a mockery. How many Christians follow Christ’s teaching to “turn the other cheek” or to “love thy neighbor as thyself?” How many Muslims follow Muhammad’s precept to “hold God above everything else?” How many Hindus “bear the Torch of Righteousness at all cost?” How many Buddhists […]

20130415 – The meaning of faith is that one is not shaken by anything – part 2 (final)


You are mine. You have faith in me. I gave you advice and you lost money by carrying it out. If people say that I have used up your money, it is true. But why? How can people be blamed? You are definitely mine, because you have faith in me, and you have […]

20130414 – The meaning of faith is that one is not shaken by anything – part 1

Two days later, Nadirsha Dastur came to Meherabad. In the course of a private conversation, he complained that he had lost money in business due to Baba’s advice and his friends were now ridiculing his continued faith in the Master.

Baba explained to Nadirsha at length:

The meaning of faith is that […]

20130413 – Significance of the Hindu custom of breaking the coconut


On May 31st, Baba explained the meaning behind the Indian custom of offering a coconut to saints and holy personalities:

The coconut can be divided into four parts, three coverings and the water inside. Each represents something different. The outermost, fibrous hair symbolizes the gross body. The hard husk or shell […]

20130412 – Nothing is obtainable without the grace of the Master

Giving other examples to the mandali, Baba continued to write on his slate:

Take this building we are sitting in as the house of God-Realization. There are pots, pans, beds, trunks, furniture and other things in it. Now, if you had no idea what these things were, how could you find out about them? […]

20130411 – It is no joke to escape from Maya’s jaws!

Later that same day, Baba explained to the mandali:

The circumstances which you find yourselves placed in are very difficult. On the one hand, worldly attachments allure you, and on the other, the Guru draws you toward him. In the end, it is always the Guru who wins this tug-of-war and frees you from […]

20130410 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 2 (final)



You take food with your mouth, digest it and pass the excrement through your rectum. You know this. But does a stone know what is a mouth and what is a rectum? You would never try to eat with your rectum; it would be despicable to try to do such a thing. […]

20130409 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 1

Explaining about miracles, Baba pointed out:

It is child’s play for a Sadguru to make the dead come alive, and it is of no importance to him as he has to work for the whole universe. He works only at the proper time for the good of the world. A rupee coin is shown […]

20130408 – Once surrendered, Perfect Master takes responsibility to eradicate sanskaras

Later the same day, while explaining about sanskaras, Meher Baba stated:

By keeping company with a God-Realized being, a person’s worldly sanskaras get burned up through the Master’s spiritual heat. That is why those near a Sadguru derive great spiritual benefit, and the merit of those who serve the Master is indeed immense.

But […]