20130531 – Remember I am the Benefactor of all


On May 10th, the group took a bus to Manmad and then left on the Delhi-Allahabad express train for Hardwar. Near the village of Khandwa an accident occurred; a man was struck by the train and severely injured. Watching the man on the ground, a large crowd gathered and meanwhile Baba dispatched Chhagan […]

20130527 – Better not to believe in God than be a hypocrite!

On May 12th, Dr. Vinod from New York, who knew the Winterfeldts, saw Baba at 8:15 A.M. He was a Hindu and part of his lengthy and poignant interview is reproduced herein:

“I am writing a book on the psychological condition of the world in relation to war and peace,” he said. “I […]

20130525 – Baba’s mission – Part 2 (Final)


The Prophets lay down certain rules and practices to help the masses lead better lives and to incline them toward God. These rules become the tenets of an organized religion; but the idealistic spirit and motive force, which prevail during the Avatar’s lifetime, gradually disappear after his death. That is why organizations cannot […]

20130524 – Baba’s mission – Part 1


The next day, Baba called Brunton to him in the cave along with Jal. The purpose of Brunton’s interview was to determine if Baba was a genuine Master. Vishnu read Baba’s alphabet board as he dictated. The following are excerpts of their conversation when Brunton questioned Meher Baba about his mission:

I shall […]

20130523 – Knowledge through love


One day Baba explained at length about creation, rebirth and God-Realization. He ended by stating:

Let these matters not be a headache to you. All this is only an explanation. Don’t rack your brains over it. Love is supreme and only love counts. However much you read, hear or understand about […]

20130521 – Love can be awakened by constant thinking of the Master


On May 1st, Baba concluded a discourse with the [Prem ashram] boys by stating, “Union with God is the ultimate state. In the end, the lover, Beloved and love all become one.” He then quoted a Persian couplet:

“The inmost core of my heart is so filled with the thought of my Beloved […]

20130520 – On obeying Baba’s orders

In the evening of February 7th, Baba gave an explanation to the mandali about obeying his orders:

Suppose A comes to me at noon and says that he is thirsty and that I should give him a cold drink, considering the weather conditions and time. Now suppose B comes at night in cold, chilly […]

20130516 – Become pure by dedicating both good and bad to me


During the Nagpur stay, Baba and the mandali’s food was coming from Nana Kher’s family’s house and was daily being delivered to where Baba was staying. He was not eating at anyone’s house, but he once went to see the Kher family at their residence.

There were so many dishes for lunch that […]

20130515 – Avatar and Perfect Masters

Baba gave the following explanation to the mandali about the difference between the Avatar and the Perfect Masters:

Every God-Realized personality is perfect. However, those who come down and act as Masters – the Sadgurus and Avatar – come down with their minds universal and use divine powers to work for others. There is […]

20130514 – Nature of mind and Meditation – Part 3 (Final)


To bring my image before your mind’s eye, think of me in my various physical activities – going here and there, discoursing, giving darshan, kissing and embracing the boys, reclining on my seat, listening to records, et cetera. And while you will thus see me in my activities, an image will surely come […]