20130616 – Man wavers driven by thoughts and desires


The difference between God and man is more than between heaven and earth. Man is bound by cravings and desires. You eat and drink, and whatever you do binds you. I eat and drink, but I am quite free. Animals also eat and drink, but so do men. Is there no difference between […]

20130615 – There is no freedom as long as desires persist

While staying in Harvan, Baba explained to the mandali about freedom from desires:

As long as a person is not free from desires, he is not ready for emancipation. Desires, both good and bad, are binding. Good desires bind a person with golden chains, and bad with iron ones. Why do […]

20130611 – On quality of food items

The subject then turned to different types of food and Baba made the following remarks:

There are three things that are good for increasing and purifying the blood: pomegranates, grapes and tomatoes; but grapes have one defect, they create bile. Okra is good for people with backaches. Potatoes give strength, but create gas. Lentils […]

20130610 – Human nature is to complain about physical discomfort

The previous few days, Baba had ordered Dara Hansotia to meditate early in the morning, but he was often disobedient. Later that day, Baba asked him, “Why didn’t you meditate as I asked? I gave you special instructions about it.”

Dara complained that it was so bitterly cold at 3 A.M. that he could […]

20130809 – How to get sound sleep


The topic then turned to sleep. Baba revealed to the mandali how to enjoy sound sleep and thereby maintain good health:

Sleep, sound sleep, is good but it must be moderate. Four to five hours is sufficient for good health but it must be undisturbed by dreams.

To have a sound sleep, the […]

20130608 – My universal mind is the central station to which every individual mind is linked


Baba suddenly asked one of them, “What are you thinking?”

“You know, Baba,” the man replied.

Baba responded, nodding, “Yes,” then spelled out:

Yes, I do; but I have come down on your level to be among you. I know everything. I know what you are thinking and what hardships you […]

20130607 – Stick to the Emperor and don’t leave him for any reason! – Part 2 (Final)


Stick to the Emperor and don’t leave him for any reason! I am in everyone; but if you catch hold of me, you will have the root of all creation in your hands. Then you will not need to go after the branches and leaves.

If you are lucky enough […]

20130606 – Stick to the Emperor and don’t leave him for any reason! – Part 1

Pleader was in the habit of visiting different saints and sadhus, and to caution him against doing this, Baba advised him:

Do not be after gatekeepers or watchmen; catch hold of the Emperor! Never be after his servants; no minister or secretary will help. A king is, after all, a king, and his servants, […]

20130605 – Evolution and involution process goes on forever

Someone then posed the question to Baba why he did not destroy all this illusion. Baba gave this explanation in reply: The sun that gives you light at present will burst after many crores (tens of millions) of years, but another sun will take its place. The earth is getting cooler and will eventually […]

20130602 – Miracles result in disaster

Rustom further said, “Baba, you should raise an incredible tower here in one night, higher and grander, than the Kutub Minar in Delhi. If you do it, millions would come to you and accept you as a Perfect Master – God in human form. How will people believe in you without your proving […]