Material and physical pleasures impede our progress – Part 1


After their return from the river, Baba said, “While we were on the boat I remembered a story about a Perfect Master.” All the women eagerly requested him to tell it and so he began to spell out the tale:

There was once a Sadguru staying in a certain place with a few […]

Likes and dislikes are both desires

Food always seemed to be a sharp point of contention, especially now that there were both Easterners and Westerners living together, sharing the same fare. Indian food was too spicy for the Westerners, and Western cooking too insipid for the Indian palate. One day in Panchgani, when discussing the menu, Baba remarked:

Dislikes are […]

The Spiritually Perfect do not use psychic powers for themselves


With the onset of cool, damp, autumn weather in Cannes, Baba’s health noticeably suffered. On Sunday, October 31st, one of the remaining Westerners asked Baba, “Why does a Master fall ill and make use of medicine?”

In reply, Baba stated:

The West differs from the East in its ideal of spiritual perfection. The […]

What is real spirituality


On January 27, during darshan at the Links, a new visitor asked Baba, “What is real spirituality?”

Baba dictated this answer:

Spirituality is a thing to be experienced and lived. It makes you firm like a rock. Neither worldly sorrows nor pleasures upset you. You attain the state where no desires remain and […]

Obedience is above love

On the evening of December 8, when Baba was on his usual rounds of inspection, he gave a candid explanation on divine intoxication and obedience to a Master’s orders. Baba explained the difference between the two states with this simile:

The diamond or pearl is costly and valuable indeed, but they have absolutely no […]

Love always seeks happiness of the Beloved

After lunch on May 19th in Nasik, Baba offered mangoes to some of the group. Some declined, saying their stomachs were too upset to eat a mango. Baba did not like this and spelled out:

What does not come spontaneously never comes! How many of you refused, how many of you hesitated, […]

Need for cultivating love and harmony

Meals were often a source of conflict in Nasik. Jean Adriel had to have spinach every day, cooked in a special way. Another wanted beets. One of the group said they could only eat whole-wheat bread. Another requested buttermilk at a certain time each morning. Baba had instructed that Rano and Delia were to […]

Begin dying by loving

Although different men and women definitely disliked one another, each in the group promised to try to live Baba’s words. Thereupon, Baba continued:

If I find disharmony and find you not prepared to die, then it is better that you all pack up and go. You have not come here for name and fame. […]

Intense longing required for union with God



Someone asked if each one has to go through all the seven planes. In reply, Baba spelled out:

A Perfect Master does not make you go through each plane. He takes you past them all, and the fun is you do not go. You just stay where you are; just […]

Significance of Master’s feet

Beloved’s feet

During the [1937] birthday celebrations the Westerners saw for the first time the Hindu custom of washing the Master’s feet. Meher Baba explained the purpose of this on a later occasion:

The feet, which are physically the lowest part of the body, are spiritually the highest. Physically, the feet go […]