Self-delusion and hypocrisy

Later that afternoon of February 9th, Baba explained about hypocrisy and delusion. He asked the Westerners, “What is self-delusion? We say that so-and-so is self-deluded. What is meant by that?”

Someone answered, “A person who imagines himself what he is not,” to which Baba replied:

But this imagination is so strong that the self-deluded […]

Spiritual Birth


A message dictated by the Master on Spiritual Birth was read out by Rustom:

The incident of birth is common to all life on earth. Unlike other living creatures which are born insignificantly, live an involuntary life and die an uncertain death, the physical birth of human beings connotes an important […]

Everything comes and everything goes

On the late afternoon of June 22nd, Baba went to see Naval and Dina Talati in Nasik. He was accompanied by Rustom, Pendu and Vishnu. Chanji was also there, having been called from Bombay. Dina was concerned about her family’s welfare. Seeing her worried face, Baba emphasized to her: “This is very bad! However […]