Violence and Non-Violence – Part 1

[Here is a series of messages Beloved Baba has given on the equation of individual to society in general, related to the topic of Non-violence. Later Baba discusses and analyses five representative scenarios as instructive examples for our understanding —admin/webmaster]

Man has a tendency to cling to catchwords and allow his action to be […]

God’s greatness is reflected in the love of His true lovers

A week later, March 11th, a letter from Suloo Meshram of Nagpur was received and read out. Baba was in a good mood and remarked, “Such devotees and lovers should be worshiped.” Baba then joined his own hands together and closed his eyes as if praying, something the mandali had never seen him do […]

“Fit for the Path”

While in Panchgani, Baba would give darshan once a week on Thursdays to his lovers in nearby towns. In addition, at times other lovers would come from distant cities. On April 8th, a fourteen-year-old boy named Suloo Ram Meshram arrived from Nagpur. He had found out about the Master by reading a newspaper account […]

Stay for me and not for the self – Part 2 (Final)

1940 November-December Ceylon, bathing Chatti Baba

Krishna snapped back, “Do you think I am staying with you for money?”

“Then why do you take payment from me? But be warned, to do your work without compensation, like the mandali, will be still more troublesome. It requires exactitude. Only he whose head is ever-bowed […]

Stay for me and not for the self – Part 1


During Baba’s month-long stay in Quetta, Chatti Baba [mast or God-intoxicated soul] would never stay indoors in his room, but would roam about all night outside amidst the cold, inclement weather. He was amazingly healthy, and to top it off, continued his daily bath of 100 buckets full of ice-cold water!

One day […]

The Seven Realities

It was in Jaipur, on Thursday, January 9th, 1941, that the Master dictated his message, The Seven Realities of Meher Baba’s Teaching. It stated:

Meher Baba’s teaching gives no importance to creed, dogma, caste systems and the performance of religious ceremonies and rites, but to the UNDERSTANDING of the following seven Realities:

1. […]

Opposition helps in Baba’s work


On November 11th, after breakfast, Norina asked Baba, “Why should everything apparently go wrong when you wish to work in Ceylon? The weather is awful, we cannot find a place to stay, the press interview you gave was not successful. And now some of the local Christians and Buddhists are stirring up things […]

Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and my name is the mosquito net


On December 12th, Baba explained another point to the women about meditation:

Those of you who are unable to meditate should repeat my name without being bothered by thoughts. Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and my name is the mosquito net. When you are within the mosquito net, the mosquitoes may buzz around you, […]

An example of real love

… a song was playing on the radio entitled, What Do You Know of Love? Baba repeated the refrain and asked the women:

What do you know of love? This love on the radio is Broadway love, but what do you know of real love? Here is a story of an example of that […]

Faith in Baba restores eyesight


That night, Baba narrated to the women a story that Chanji had told him:

One of my devotees was working in an office, when suddenly he went blind. His family was miserable because of his plight. He was treated by doctors and taken to an optometrist. But they could do nothing for […]