The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 3


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These seven “pinches” are twists of sanskaras, and they have seven chief forms – stone or metal, vegetable, worm, fish, bird, animal and man. Every twist of the sanskaras gives the next form. So, there are seven twists for seven forms, and there are six previous forms before the stone […]

The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 2


Again, pointing to the chart, Baba continued:

The winding of sanskaras is shown like this, and the thread begins from here. The unwinding process is shown in this way. From “A” is the winding process. This represents seven stages of descent, and “Z” shows the ascent – involution, although both appear quite the reverse […]

The Divine Theme, Explained – Part 1

The Divine Theme Chart*

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When Deshmukh had finished, Baba began his explanation by stating: “Today, let us begin by saying that only God exists. If there is something beyond God, that too is God, and so every one of you […]

The greatest need of humanity today is love


On the 23rd of November, in response to a letter from a young man named G. S. N. Moorty, Baba sent this message:

The greatest need of humanity today is love – love divine which is pure and selfless,

which awakens man to the proper sense and understanding of his real duty […]

Internal Silence, The Inner Battle – Part 3 (Final)

Now, while you are thinking of the Divine Theme chart, its explanation, figure, color, et cetera, if, in spite of your efforts, other thoughts interfere, what will you do? You have to try not to let them, not with fear but with love for Baba. If you have these thoughts, do not despair that […]

Internal Silence – Part 2

Just imagine that you are on a special watch duty to guard yourself against grave danger to your very life. This “guard” means watching over unexpected and sudden attacks from deadly enemies who are determined to kill you. During that time, you have to keep on reproducing in your mind all that I will […]

Internal Silence – Part 1


The gathering assembled before him at 10 A.M. and Baba inquired, “Did you sleep well last night? I ask this because you all have to be awake and attentive tonight for three hours, from 7:30 to 10:30 P.M.”

All replied that they had slept well, and Baba continued at length:

Now, listen. I […]

Everything will be all right if you only think of my wish



DURING THIS PERIOD, Savak Damania of Akbar Press, who was now age thirty, had been in Baba’s contact since his childhood and was engaged to marry Eruch’s sister Meheru. Savak had a friend named Homi Pavri, who wanted to meet Meher Baba. Savak wrote to Baba at Lonavla, and Baba permitted them […]

Qualities desired of a school teacher


Meanwhile, the vice-principal of Kolhapur University, a Mr. Dixit, invited Baba to participate in the opening of a new Montessori school, but because of his seclusion, Baba did not go. Instead, on Sunday, October 18th, he sent Adi Sr. to deliver this message:

The form of service that a Montessori school takes has […]

Baba’s work

On September 19th, Baba explained about his work:

Reality IS; unreality is not! Unreality, or Nothing, is in the air. My work, too, is in the air and, because of that, it looks to you uncertain. I often make changes. Several times I have repeated that this is my last fast, this is my […]