“The greatest service one can render to humanity is to make them feel this Reality”


Toni Roothbert said, “I am only happy when I can do something for people. There is not even a hospital here … ”

Yes, we must do something, but something that would really make people happy – not the apparent passing happiness, but real lasting happiness. I will tell you both. You, Consuella, […]

Message to the youth – “Let their watchwords always be Love and Service”


Previously, on August 3rd, Meher Baba had dictated the following message, which was published in the September issue of the Indian magazine for youth, Comrade:

It is the privilege of youths to be full of energy and hope. Not being caught up in any grooves, their dreams about the future have the […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 4 (Final)

Baba had informed them to come again the next day at 4 P.M. At that meeting he continued:

I know you are not rich. You own a farm, and that you have given to me. This gesture of love to me is worth the whole universe. I know with what genuine love […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 3 (“all eventually comes to me”)

Fred (with spects) behind Baba


Baba explained to the Winterfeldts how he had changed the Sufi order, and commented:

Norina is my jewel.

Mrs. Duce is another gem.

Elizabeth is unique.

Now, what I wish you to understand is that I am not only concerned with Sufism, but also with Vedanta, […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 2 (“In the fire of love, all dirt is automatically consumed”)


Fred, who prided himself on his detached powers of reasoning, was trying to analyze what was going on.

Fred described what happened:

Baba looked at me over Ella’s shoulder, winked and grinned from ear to ear. And at that moment, reason – four years of reasoning – like a burst balloon went out […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 1

Fred with Baba


One devoted couple, who met Baba for the first time during his visit to Myrtle Beach, was Fred and Ella Winterfeldt, two German immigrants who had settled in New York, where they had met and married. Both were interested in finding a spiritual Master. Fred, age fifty-four, had […]

Selfless service to little children is tantamount to rendering service directly to God

Goma Ganesh Pathak, one of the former teachers of the Meher Ashram school, was doing social work in Ahmednagar and would come to see Baba from time to time. He invited Baba to the upcoming opening of a nursery school, Babawadi, for poor children, where they would be given free milk. Baba went for […]

Hallucination and spiritual experience

Baba explained to the group about different mental states:

Subconscious experiences, although on the same plane, vary. Some are mere dreams, some visions, some the foretelling of the spending of impressions – but even the subconscious can be hallucinated. This is very interesting.

Now what is hallucination? Let us not play with […]

God wants Honest Pure Love

Darwin Shaw with Baba*

Darwin and Jeanne Shaw had met Baba in 1934 in New York, but this was the first meeting for their two teenage daughters, Renae and Leatrice. The entire family drove south to Myrtle Beach, where they met Baba at 10 A.M. on May 10th in the […]

The supremacy of LOVE


To the disciples and devotees of Madras and surroundings, my message to them can befittingly be epitomized in one supremely sweet word: LOVE.

Love, as you all know, is dynamic in action and contagious in effect. It is only the spiritually alive and enlightened who can appreciably feel or experience the […]