Meher Baba’s Fiery Life

Meher Baba’s Fiery Life

– Ramjoo Abdulla

At the end of his New Life, amongst other things, Baba declared in February, 1952, that his Fiery Life would commence from November 15th that year. Although preparations in general were set on foot seven months earlier, what Baba calls the […]

The Repentance Prayer – Part 2 (Final)

The Dnyani, however, because he knows the Truth by actual experience, is utterly free from these bindings, and he therefore knows that, as a Dnyani, he is exempt from the law of karma. Since he knows the nature of good and evil, he also knows that no one is to be blamed for anything […]

The Repentance Prayer – Part 1

At 8 A.M. everyone was called back into the pandal. When they had gathered, Baba’s fingers began to “speak” via the alphabet board:

Today is a very important day for me and for my work in the Fiery Life which begins on November 15th. And so I have called today a few selected ones […]

‘Get thee behind me, Satan!’



Thereafter, all the men [the Japwalas, the men who were asked by Baba to repeat God’s names during the Fiery life] were called into the room.

Baba stated: “Repeat the name as if your very life depends on it. Keep continuity. … Maya necessarily creates obstacles in God’s work, so be careful.”


Knowledge (Dnyan) – Part 4 (Final)

Walis (saints) can give the shadow of that Knowledge, either by touch, gaze or by placing their hand on the head of anyone they like. Why do they place their hand on the head? Because it is the seat of Knowledge. So if walis, through their tawajjuh (spiritual power or force), place their hands […]

Knowledge (Dnyan) – Part 3

God alone is real. Everything else is in God. We are one with Him, but due to ignorance, we experience separation. But this separation, in turn, is necessary to realize our Oneness with Him. Now, because we are already one with this Swayambhu Knowledge, it cannot be given by God. Once this Knowledge of […]

Knowledge (Dnyan) – Part 2


Only Sadgurus can give this Knowledge in a split second. Taking into consideration what Hafiz has said, we come to the conclusion that, however deeply we may think about what is beginningless beginning, we are unable to grasp it, explain it.

In the beginning there was God, and before God there was God; […]

Knowledge (Dnyan) – Part 1

… Baba dictated the following discourse on Knowledge (Dnyan):

Knowledge (Dnyan) is a thing that even after endless evolutionary forms, it is very difficult to attain. But it could even be grasped in a fraction of a second; such is Knowledge.

Imagination is so strong, and its scope is so infinite, that you can […]

God loves those who seek Him


To a group Baba stated [London, 1952]:

I really am happy to see you today. Let me tell you this fact: there is nothing to worry about, nothing to be disheartened about. We are all, each of us, meant to be happy. God, who is within us all, is to be experienced as […]

“I am equally approachable to one and all” – Part 2 (Final)


Mastery In Servitude

If you take Baba to be perfect and one with God, Baba is then the Ocean and these different paths – Sufism, Vedanta, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Jainism and Christianity – are as rivers to the Ocean. But now the time has arrived and a period has arrived when these rivers have […]