Proper way to do japa (repetition of God’s name) – Part 2 (Final)


Do not do it like pranayama, by taking one chosen name when you inhale and the same name when you exhale. Not like that, but do the repetition as I have explained in a natural way. Take any name — mine or anyone’s — but have nothing to do with breathing.

Such a […]

Proper way to do japa (repetition of God’s name) – Part 1


Later that same day, July 5th, Ramdas Chaurasia of Nagpur came to Dehra Dun with his sons, Shankar and Ganesh, and they were also allowed to see Baba. In the course of conversation, Ramdas Chaurasia asked Baba the proper way to do japa (repetition of God’s name). Replying, Baba stated:

Day and night […]

The only remedy to get out of this illusion – Part 2 (Final)

Don’t worry; all this is illusion. You should love me and be honest and faithful. You must be so honest in your love that even God should bow down to you for it. God thirsts for honest love. There must not be the slightest tinge of hypocrisy. Ages have made the mind so dirty […]

The only remedy to get out of this illusion – Part 1

The lawyer Harish Chander Kochar came to see Baba on Friday, 26 June 1953, and Baba asked him, “What do you desire?”

“Permit me to spend some time each day with the mandali,” he said.

“You are presently sitting before me; what more do you want? You attend court, argue cases, rear your children […]

“Become men of Experience, and for that be like the dust at the Master’s feet.”

Maulana Rumi was a great savant (scholar) of his time. He could give good speeches and discourses. When he traveled from place to place, the books of his learned lore were packed and carried on camelback. Everywhere, he was accorded the highest honors. Shams-e-Tabriz, on the other hand, was quite naked. One day, they […]

Consider Other’s wealth as stone


ON JUNE 13th, looking at Kishan Singh, Baba quoted this verse from Tulsidas on his alphabet board:

“Consider others’ wealth as stone, another’s woman as mother; If, following this, God is not found, Tulsidas’ tongue has no value!”

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4143

( (Revised, 2014), p3331)


Charity is to lose to make others gain

Mentioning charity, Baba remarked,

“The greatest virtue is called charity, not this ordinary charity. Real charity means tolerance due to big-heartedness. Tolerance and forgiveness are included in real charity. It is also charity to offer the other cheek when slapped. In fact, to lose to make others gain is charity. It is a vast […]

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, explained – Part 4 (Final)

Kumar could not resist interjecting, “Baba, I am not able to understand anything you have explained, nor am I particularly anxious to.”

Baba responded: Whether you bother or don’t bother, your children, wife and even the body itself serve as a binding for you. In reality, there is nothing but continuous bliss, but now […]

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, explained – Part 3

Even to feel fed up is also a delusion, and also when I say I am waiting to break my silence. But this delusion is of a high grade to make others un-deluded. The Master Juggler does his tricks to sustain the Truth so that the children should not go wrong. In that he […]

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, explained – Part 2

When the soul becomes one with the Oversoul, it is in the state of Behud. And when the Realized Soul “descends” from his Highest state for Universal work, meaning when he regains gross consciousness alongside his superconsciousness, he is in the state of Anhud. Because, being God, he is in both states — the […]