Father, Son and Holy Ghost, explained – Part 1

Nilu asked, “What does it all mean about the Father, Son and Holy Ghost?”

Baba explained at length: Father = Sat = Janan = Akshar = Behud (limitless);

Son = Shiv = Jaaney Janan = Uttam = Anhud (supreme, Unlimited);

Holy Ghost = Jeev = Jaan = Kshar = Hud (limitation).

To become Supreme, […]

Even those unwilling to come to him were drawn by his infinite mercy


Kishan Singh and Prakashwati were staying in the same bungalow, and on occasions Baba would see Prakashwati. Later that day, Baba suddenly asked Kishan Singh about her and came to know that she had gone to the woman saint Anandamayi Ma.

Baba cuttingly remarked, “It is good Prakashwati visits other saints. Now I […]

Intellectual delusion

When they returned to their bungalow, a discussion arose about those who claimed to be the Avatar. Baba made these remarks: “It is true that many in the world today declare themselves as the Avatar. Every follower and devotee calls his teacher Avatar. There are 75 in the world who claim this highest spiritual […]

The benefits one derives by meeting a Sadguru are numberless

After seeing the two other saints and bowing down to them, Baidul returned and informed Baba. Baba asked him, “What did Ishwar Singh say?”

“He asked me who Meher Baba was.”

“How did you answer?”

“I told him he was a great saint.”

This upset Baba terribly, and he stated at length:

Do you […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 4 (Final)

Reflecting back on the mechanical aspect, Baba stated:

If you are always conscious of keeping the Master’s will, and the consciousness is not disturbed by the slightest thought, then it is not mechanical. But this is impossible without the grace of the Perfect Master. Even to understand that the Master’s pleasure is your pleasure […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 3


Those highly advanced in spiritual life never test anyone. They know whether the person concerned would do it or not. Therefore, the Perfect Ones have no “will.” When he himself (the Perfect Master) is in everyone, his work itself is his will. Those who are mindful of it, their every word, their every […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 2

Baba asked Nilu what his reactions would be under these three circumstances. Nilu replied, “I will accept being a king in Persia and a sweeper in Africa, but I would not like to beg.”

“Have you any responsibility left?” Baba asked him, and emphasized, “It is not love if you have not relinquished all […]

What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 1


Baba repeated a verse from Hafiz about giving up life for the sake of the Beloved, explaining:

By saying so, Hafiz never meant giving up life itself, for instance, by cutting one’s throat. He was referring to giving up one’s will, which is one hundred percent impossible. He who gives it up realizes […]

Love and Obedience

Addressing the mandali in Dehra Dun on June 12th, 1953, Baba stated about Shatrugna Kumar: “Shatrugna says he would die for me if I ask, and I believe him one hundred percent. Also he says he does not love me as love is described, and that also is true. Love is a gift.”

Baba […]

“What will we live for now, when you have gone away?”


Bhau remembered the last line Baba dictated to him on 29 January 1969, “What will we live for now, when you have gone away?” and composed a ghazal on it.


We will burn in the fire of longing, when you have gone away.

O Bhau, the fish are restless without water.