What matters in spiritual path is not rituals and ceremonies

In the spiritual path, these messages and addresses mean nothing. Without actual experience, all philosophical statements are idle talk, and all these ceremonies are a further addition to the existing illusion.

If, instead of erecting churches, fire-temples, mandirs (temples) and mosques, people were to establish the House of God in their hearts for their […]

The God-Man Himself suffers to create in us the real suffering that liberates us – Part 2 (Final)


Now I will explain the paradox of why a Qutub or the Avatar, who enjoys infinite bliss, is said to be simultaneously suffering infinitely. When I say, “Deshmukh, no one in the whole universe suffers like me,” he smiles and replies, “Baba, how can you, who are the source of bliss, ever suffer?” […]

The God-Man Himself suffers to create in us the real suffering that liberates us – Part 1

Today, I want to explain naaz and niaz. In olden days, Sufis always stressed this point about naaz and niaz, shama and parvana (candle and moth). Later on, these terms became so common that every Muslim poet, big or small, started using them.

Now, naaz literally means “nakhra” – coquetry, hard to please, […]

Be natural

Baba explained to the workers:

Modesty is weakness, but humility is strength. A world of difference, therefore, exists between the two. The moment you say, “I say in all humility,” the very expression is the expression of the ego in you. Even if in your mind you feel that you are humble, this feeling […]

The Master’s Love and Grace



Ramjoo read out the following message in English, which Kutumb Sastri rendered into Telugu, entitled “The Master’s Love and Grace:”

It makes me very happy to see you all here, and I appreciate the feeling of love and devotion with which you have approached me. I know and understand your difficulties, problems, […]

Purpose of a Meher Center


M. S. R. Shastry’s was a lawyer, and his family performed Baba’s arti. Shastry beseeched Baba to perform the opening ceremony of the new Meher Centre in Masulipatnam, which Baba did at 11:30 A.M. by garlanding and bowing down to his own photograph, which also had his signature on it.

Baba stated: “I […]

Do not seek temporary relief

Be content with your lot, rich or poor, happy or miserable. Understand that God has designed it for your own good and be resigned to His Will.

You eternally were and always will be. You have had innumerable forms – man, woman, beautiful, ugly, strong, weak, healthy, sickly, powerful, helpless – and here you […]

The practical way for the common man to express this love

God does not listen to the language of the tongue, which constitutes japa, zikra, mantras and devotional songs. He does not listen to the language of the mind, which constitutes meditation, concentration and thoughts about God. He listens only to the language of the heart which constitutes love.

So, love God and become free […]

If you have rock-like faith


If you have rock-like faith and flame-like love for God, nothing in this world will affect you. Flattery will not touch you. Happiness will not humor you. Misery will not trouble you. So, I give you all my blessings to love me and find that God alone is real, which will make you […]

The spirit of true love – Part 2 (Final)


The light of love is not free from its fire of sacrifices. In fact, like heat and light, love and sacrifice go hand in hand. The true spirit of sacrifice that springs spontaneously does not and cannot reserve itself for particular objects and special occasions.

Just as it can never be too late […]