No one else in the world could have played such a perfect game – Part 2 (Final)

Nilu and Donkin

Baba narrated another incident about Nilu to Donkin:

When Nilu first came to me, I inquired about him getting married. He wanted to marry, and if I had prevented him, it would not have been taken so well. So I made a plan and sent him, […]

No one else in the world could have played such a perfect game – Part 1

Baba with Mandali. Dr Nilu on extreme right.

Donkin had escorted her (Rano) in the tonga, and on the way back he bought some toffees for the mandali. He offered some to Rano, but she politely refused. When he persevered, she took a few, as she knew Margaret Craske was fond of […]

Baba loves everybody no matter how terrible they are

Bili Eaton had come from New York for the sahavas. She was feeling full of guilt the entire time, as she had fallen in love with a man and had disobeyed Baba’s six-month order regarding celibacy. When she first met Baba in the Lagoon Cabin with several others, she hid in a corner behind […]

The real lover never poses

Several Brahmin devotees were among those who came for Baba’s darshan on the 27th. One named Subramanium had painted long sectarian marks on his forehead with saffron-colored paste. Commenting on it, Baba remarked:

Various castes have distinctive marks applied to their forehead. Similarly, people of different religions stick to traditional customs. Hafiz used to […]

Ego’s tricky nature – Part 2 (Final)

The next moment, if I were to point out one of your weaknesses, you would at once feel depressed, but you would not express it. You will say: “Baba, after all, I am a human being.” By this statement, you try to conceal what you feel within you, for ego assumes false appearance. It […]

Ego’s tricky nature – Part 1

On the 18th, a Shastri (Hindu priest) bowed to Baba and then sat down near his chair. He had also come the previous day when Baba was with the Hamirpur lovers. At that time, while the Shastri was present, Vishnu Sharma of Dhagwan entertained Baba by reciting his story, Chai Puran (a humorous “Tale […]

States of consciousness – Part 5 (Final)

Now let us look at the diagram. There are seven planes, seven manzils, innumerable muqams in six planes, one muqam in the gross sphere, and one muqam in the sixth manzil. In the fourth plane there is no manzil and no muqam.

In conclusion, Baba stated:

When you remember me, you are in sahaj […]

States of consciousness – Part 4

If the soul does not then succumb to the use of its infinite energy for selfish ends, it reaches the fifth plane and the fifth manzil. As I said, in the gross world there is the first manzil with its innumerable muqams. In the first plane of the subtle are the second manzil and […]

States of consciousness – Part 3

… Until we arrive at Reality, and know that all this is tamasha – farce. Lovers of God do not care for this tamasha. Yogis of the first manzil of the subtle plane can stop their pulses or live underground, or raise their gross bodies in the air, or even live for five hundred […]

States of consciousness – Part 2

So in the subtle plane, in the first manzil, the soul sees wonderful things and becomes enchanted; it loses its gross consciousness and it begins to hear subtle music, and to see subtle sights and to enjoy them. But if the soul is wise, through good fortune, or the Guru is capable, the soul […]