States of consciousness – Part 1

“You asked about the seven planes,” Baba stated to Malcolm Schloss. “Planes mean what?”

Malcolm answered, “States of consciousness.”

Baba explained at length:

This present of yours is gross consciousness; the gross senses are used, and you have the gross experiences of eating, drinking and moving about. This is the gross world; it is […]

What is required is focus on onward march

There can be no greater folly than for the wayfarers to quarrel over the pros and cons of this way or that, instead of remaining concentrated upon and concerned with one’s own onward march along the path that one happens to be on.

One road may be steep, another full of potholes, the third […]

The temporary effect is illusion – Part 2 (Final)


When one has experience of eternity, one knows that God is. To say that God was, is, and will be, is wrong. All eternity is now present at this moment. So I say, God IS.

Mona [Malcolm Schloss’ wife who had recently died] was once here with you; she is no longer with […]

The temporary effect is illusion – Part 1

Baba went on to give advice and orders:

I sometimes seem to be speaking at random, but I am really working elsewhere.

When you say “I am ill, I am hungry, I am old, I am young, or I am not hungry and do not want this food” and so on, when you […]

Spiritual significance of games – atya-patya

The game atya-patya is played in a large rectangular field with many parallel horizontal lines and one bisecting vertical line. Once, when the game was being vigorously played, Baba stopped play and called the men under the shade of a nearby tree where he explained its spiritual meaning:

The horizontal lines are the […]

Enthusiasm alone is not sufficient for doing Baba’s work – Part 2 (Final)


“I will do it [his work] personally with my mandali. The time is getting near because the period that will cover my speaking, my humiliation, my glory will be very short.”

Concluding, Baba warned, “Seriously, I have come down and taken this body not for darshan programs, arti and puja. That the angels […]

Enthusiasm alone is not sufficient for doing Baba’s work – Part 1


While journeying throughout Hamirpur for a number of months prior to Baba’s arrival, Keshav Nigam had drawn up two lists of devotees. One list consisted of those who did work in Meher Baba’s name with a sense of renunciation, and the other of those ready to go anywhere for Baba’s work according to […]

Heart, Mind and Sanskaras – Part 7 (Final)

Baba with the five Perfect Masters on the right (painting at MPR Dining Hall, Meherabad, drawn by Diana Le Page)


Babajan called me one day as I was cycling past her tree and kissed me on the forehead. And for nine months, God knows, I was in that state to which […]

Heart, Mind and Sanskaras – Part 6

The youth left the palace, roamed about India, became a rich man and took the name of Kalyan which means “happy in every respect.” After twelve years he returned to Janak, this time rich and prosperous. The guards again checked him, asking who he was. “I am the rich Kalyan,” he said. Janak, on […]

Heart, Mind and Sanskaras – Part 5


To illustrate, Baba recounted this story (during the advent of Ram) of Emperor Janak and his disciple Kalyan:

Emperor Janak, Sita’s father, was also known to be a Perfect Master. During his reign, there was a youth from outside his empire who longed desperately to see God. “I must see Him,” he said, […]