“It is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self” – Part 3 (Final)


Hearts are not purified by following the external practices of religion. This is the essence of the three principles of Zoroaster. Baba himself enunciated these principles during Zoroaster’s Avatarhood. These precepts are good thoughts, good words and good deeds. While doing the kusti [sacred thread], it should be done sincerely. A single impure […]

“It is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self” – Part 2

To cleanse our hearts is very difficult. How to do that? It is not in renunciating the world and leading a secluded life. While leading a worldly life, you can cleanse your hearts. Suppose you become angry, you have bad thoughts. What to do? The thing to do is to let the […]

“It is really great to obey me when not knowing my True Self” – Part 1


Ravikant Rawal of Surat described how he had once witnessed a lover succeed in invoking rain by taking Meher Baba’s name at a particular place during a drought. In response, Baba commented:

We need not doubt what he says, he has seen it with his own eyes; but the fact remains, I did […]

“obedience is just obedience, there is no questioning” – Part 2 (Final)

A child is born and as he grows, his consciousness also increases. From childhood to youth, middle age and old age, but not a thought occurs to him as to from where and for what he has taken birth. Births after births pass in this way. He only thinks of worldly things, never about […]

“obedience is just obedience, there is no questioning” – Part 1

Explaining a couplet of Hafiz, where the Master says “obedience is just obedience, there is no questioning,” Baba added:

You should be slaves of the Master, obeying even without thinking. If I order anyone to kill his child, he should obey me without having even a single thought about the deed.

I have explained […]

Meaning of Sahavas – Part 2 (Final)

What is meant by “you, yourself”? When you feel hungry, you say, “I am hungry,” when unwell you say, “I am sick,” and so on. This I is the curtain or veil. Once this curtain disappears, you realize the unity of life — you realize that you yourself are That. It is due to […]

Meaning of Sahavas – Part 1


After embracing most of those gathered, Baba stated his explanations for the meaning of sahavas:

The meaning of sahavas is physical proximity, to meet one another, mingling together like members of the same family. But my staying with you and your staying with me do not mean the same thing. For ages past, […]

“The best is not to ask for anything” – part 6 (Final)


However much I may explain, you cannot have a true idea of the enormous strain on my physical body in these last twelve months. To say the least, I am utterly exhausted physically, yet I intend to exert myself further for the whole sahavas month in order to impress thoroughly upon you certain […]

“The best is not to ask for anything” – part 5

I want you to be with me, near me and before me in an entirely different atmosphere, so that you can freely breathe the air of my personal presence. We must be together as intimately as if we were living under the same roof for no purpose other than that of living with each […]

“The best is not to ask for anything” – part 4

How can one explain love? There are as many ways of explaining love and obedience as there are men. There can thus be no end to the understanding of them except through obedience based on love, and through love itself. All great saints, teachers and Masters say the same thing in […]