“Deathless Living”

Don Stevens read Baba’s message “Deathless Living,” and afterwards Baba stated:

It is the birthright of every human being to be happy, but most feel miserable. It is due to the load of sanskaras or impressions gathered throughout evolution. In our evolution, through all the forms – stone, worm, bird, fish, animal – we […]

“Love God”

Afterwards, he invited all his lovers into the room. They sat down around him as the blinds were drawn open and Lowell Shaw, Charmian Duce, Don Stevens and an NBC-TV cameraman prepared to take films. The bright movie lights were switched on, and Baba gave the following short discourse:

When you become one […]

You would never feel like complaining again about anything

“Baba, there are so many things I wish to do for you,” Ivy declared, “but these broken feet won’t let me!”

Baba said, “Can’t you take this much? Look what they did to me when I was Jesus – put all those thorns on my head, which drew blood, made me carry the cross. […]

“Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm”


“Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm.

Do not submit to desires, but try to control them.

One who cannot restrain his tongue cannot restrain his mind;

one who cannot restrain his mind cannot restrain his action;

one who […]

“The prayer that God hears is the prayer of the heart”

Afterwards, Baba had Eruch explain:

… When you come before him, you have many things which you would like to say to him; but, in fact, it is not necessary to tell him. He knows. If he did not know it, coming before him would not matter. It is impossible to be deceived when […]

Once you come to know that this body is not you, then that veil of ignorance is lifted


After one woman sang a song, Baba dictated:

One who hears the music of God in his heart – such wonderful music, for it is the Original Music – loses his bodily consciousness and sees God everywhere.

God is within everyone. He is in all of us, Infinite, All-powerful. The helplessness that you […]

On obeying Baba

On the way to India, Clarice Adams had been pondering the inevitable question Baba asked his lovers, “Will you obey me?” She thought: “Would I jump out of the plane window if Baba told me? Would I run around naked?”

She was carrying a book of Hafiz’s couplets and opened the book to this […]

On fulfilling ones family responsibilities


Meanwhile, Baba called an inspector of police named K. S. Savant and his wife, Hemlata, to Satara, and they arrived on the morning of Sunday, December 18th. They were old lovers, experiencing a certain difficulty which Baba wished to clear up. At home, Hemlata would sit in her prayer room absorbed in Baba’s […]

“How fine it would be were you to heighten your feeling for others and act accordingly”

…Look after your family and carry out your daily obligations; but do not become attached to them, and think of me as many times as possible. Thereby, you will not get enmeshed deeper into Maya.

Remember what I tell you. Do not distinguish between good and bad; do not think that you are good […]

The supreme value of love compared to meditation

While Don Stevens had been working on editing the Discourses, halfway through the work he realized: “Good heavens, here are several discourses on the subject of meditation, and at no time since I have been under Baba’s thumb has he ever given me a meditation or concentration.”

While Don Stevens had been working on […]