Body consciousness of ordinary human being, lover of God and the Avatar


It is but natural for the human body on this gross plane to fall ill. But when one loses oneself in the love of the Beloved, then the body is immune from illness. The fire of love burning within is such that it neutralizes any bodily disorder. The love of the masts for […]

The Real Work – Part 3 (Final)

Baba then cited the instance of Vibhuti, who came to him in 1925, before Baba began observing silence.

Vibhuti stayed here, did nam-japa [repetition of God’s name], fasted, as were my orders. After a while, he, on his own, went back to Nasik from where he had come.

He started telling people there he […]

The Real Work – Part 2


Take another example: Bapiraju says, “Meher Baba is the Avatar of the Age. Love him, he is the only one worthy of love. Don’t get angry, swallow anger,” et cetera. At that very moment, someone slaps him, and Bapiraju instantly forgets all about love and retaliates. What would people think? You will get […]

The Real Work – Part 1


Work undertaken with honest intent and with love is Meher Baba’s work, and he who does this for the love of God is always his.

But the greatest work one can do for Baba is to live the life of love, humility, sincerity and selfless service in which there is not the least […]

The meaning of “Leave all and follow me” is to obey me


I may be good or bad, but if you take me to be the Avatar, just obey me. If you have the slightest doubt about my Avatarhood, then your homage to me, garlanding and reverence will not only be a symbol of sheer hypocrisy, but will land you in a deep pit! This […]

Obedience to Guru’s orders

In late May, Jhagirdar, one of the school teachers, invited the Master and the mandali to his house for tea. For Jhagirdar’s sake, Meher Baba explained:

God can be seen. No matter what religion or faith a person may adhere to, once the veil of illusion is lifted by the Guru he sees God. […]

“When I speak, worldwide transformation of consciousness will take place” – Part 2 (Final)

Humanity, as constituted at present, uses three vehicles for the expression of thoughts, and experiences three states of consciousness. These three vehicles are: the mental body (the mind), in which thoughts arise as the result of impressions from past experiences. These thoughts may remain latent in the mental body as seeds, or they may […]

“When I speak, worldwide transformation of consciousness will take place” – Part 1

Since arriving in America, I have been asked many times what solution I have brought for the social problems now confronting you – what did I have to offer that would solve the problems of unemployment, prohibition and crime that would eliminate the strife between individuals and nations, and pour a healing balm of […]

The Gift of Love

You, yourself, are the veil. How will you remove it? As said before, take my name sincerely fourteen times, not less. Go on repeating, “Baba, Baba, Baba!” One day the veil will be torn asunder. I will do it.

You cannot have the gift of my love – in spite of all meditation, repetition […]

Real “miracle” – Part 2 (Final)

Now compare this miracle with my other miracle. Some of you must have seen Naoroji Dadachanji of Bombay. He and his family have been very great lovers for a long time. His wife died with my name on her lips and came to me. Then Naoroji’s son (Tehemtan) died with my name on his […]