“My Universal work continues every moment”


Once, Baba was playing a checkers-like game with the mandali when an important government official came to see him.

Telling him to sit by his side, Baba continued the game. The official’s mind began working. Smiling, Baba remarked, “When I was Krishna, I played this game and in this form also I enjoy […]

Loving God while discharging daily duties is even greater than the love of a Mard-e-Khuda!

Lovers of God are called Mard-e-Khuda. When one loves God, the only longing and continual thirst is for union with God. “I want to see you, my Beloved” is the constant cry of this mad lover. Circumstances do not touch this lover. Nothing upsets him. People may call him mad, may make him suffer […]

In short, the Path is “I want nothing.”

The reporters were then introduced to Baba individually. … one of them asked, “Meher Baba, what is the spiritual path, and what is the criteria for one being on the Path?”

Baba smiled, for they had been instructed not to ask questions, but nevertheless, he explained:

When you begin to think of yourself as […]

“Once you firmly decide not to be engulfed in maya, you can disentangle yourself”


One should be free from birth and death. But being entrapped in this wheel, one goes round and round and always suffers. It is quite easy to extricate oneself from the rounds of birth and death, but because it is so easy, it becomes so difficult!

Once you firmly decide not to be […]

How to create a balance between the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart


To help others through one’s own example, one must get not only thoroughly drenched but drowned in love. As a prelude one should attempt to create a balance between the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart. Mind, however, works much faster. Thoughts are like lightning — first there is […]

To worry is a weakness


During this occasion, a musician was distressed because he could not compose at times. Baba consoled him, “You should not worry over it or be anxious. As a matter of fact, there is nothing in the world to worry about! This is weakness. Never worry. I will help you spiritually – and not […]

Intellectual conviction

During Baba’s stay in Sydney, he also gave an interview to a journalist named Donald Inram Smith. Their conversation was tape recorded, Eruch interpreting Baba’s gestures. Smith’s first question concerned intellectual conviction. Eruch began:

Meher Baba says it is not necessary to have intellectual conviction because it does not help at all. It is […]

“Love Me more and that will take care of everything”

Why should you feel yourself unworthy and why do you think that I am pulling on you and so forth? I love you as you are. You have a nice, frank, receptive heart that can and does love in spite of constant reverses, as you say, from the head. And that is all I […]

Tuition and Intuition


Intuition has been buried under the debris from the piecemeal tuition of the assailing experiences of the false. Tuition is impressed from without, while intuition dawns from within. Tuition thwarts intuition. Therefore, the tutoring of the mind by external events has to be counteracted by inner awakening. Then and only then can intuition, […]

Three types of seekers – Part 2 (Final)


I want you all to know that love for me should not have any demands or wants. Wanting had its origin in the very first urge of God: “I want to know myself. I want to know who I am.”

The original want has expanded into so many different wants, illusory wants: “I […]