The law of must – Part 2 (Final)

Baba then had the discourse on the “Law of Must” read out, which concluded with:

The rule of this inexorable Law of Must governs and reshapes the so-called destiny of man in every incarnation, as long as the “self” of man remains conscious of impressions. The principle of must which overrides human plans is […]

The Law of Must – Part 1

Everything and everyone in the universe is constrained to move along a path which is prescribed by its past. There is an inexorable “must” that reigns over all things large or small. Whether one is male or female, rich or poor, strong or weak, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or dull — one cannot escape […]

“Only love for God works the miracle”


But he who has attained divine love needs no book! In spite of reading and explanations, words are after all mere words. They do not take one any further than mere intellectual satisfaction. Only love for God works the miracle, because love is beyond mind and intellect. Where then is the necessity to […]

“The lover should permit himself to be totally consumed through his love for the Beloved”


Books and discourses will never bring about one’s spiritual regeneration. The mind cannot be annihilated by the mind, just as one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving me as I ought to be loved can the mind be destroyed. Anyone may have love for me, but not the love I want.

My […]

Sahavas – “It rests with you to draw as much love as you can from this Ocean”


Explaining the meaning of sahavas, Baba dictated:

Sahavas means the give-and-take of love. I am the only Beloved, and you all are my lovers; or, I am the only Lover and you all are my beloveds!

I wish that you remain happy in my sahavas. This will be the last sahavas, so I […]

On doing Baba’s work

Explaining about work done in his name, Baba stated:

Work means to love Baba wholeheartedly, so much so that you become lost in my love and forget yourself completely. If you cannot love me like that, then obey me without hesitation. Even if you are slandered by others, go on following my behests. If […]

What it means “to make your hearts my centers”



Baba asked: “Now what do you understand when I tell you to make your hearts my centers?”

Answering himself, Baba stated: “The devotion you express in your bhajan singing and talks about me shape your lives according to what you express. Now I tell you, in your daily lives be more careful […]

The kind of people Baba needs for His work

Kamble had injured his leg the day before and looking at him Baba observed: “I do not necessarily need the rich, the respectable and the intelligent for my work. I need the simple, common people, irrespective of their weaknesses. When I was Jesus, I liked to surround myself with poor fishermen and, […]

Types of obedience – Part 3 (Final)



Suppose Gadekar and Digambar are before me and I tell the father:

“Gadekar, you have come here. Where is your son? Why isn’t he here?” His absolute obedience leads Gadekar to such oblivion that he does not see Digambar by his side and also tells me: “Yes, Baba, Digambar is not to […]

Types of obedience – Part 2


Willing obedience is the real type of obedience inspired by wholehearted love. Even in this last type of obedience though, there are different stages:

(a) In the first stage the lover uses his common sense and discrimination in obeying. For example, take Gadekar who loves me very much and really wants to obey […]