Types of obedience – Part 1

When the personal introductions were finished, Baba began a discourse about types of obedience:

Eternally, God is the only One, never changing. God never changes. Everything else changes. It is all a passing show. Yesterday has passed; today will also pass. But God was, is and ever will be. Today you are an adult, […]

“Do you know why I descend on earth?”


The number of replies continued to increase and, on just one day, 1500 were received! Baba would have every single letter read to him in mandali hall, which took from five to six hours daily. Kumar would read the replies. Baba would categorize them in different groups according to their response.

… Some […]

Purpose of prayer is to keep ones heart clean


Once while talking with Kumar, Baidul got enraged over something Kumar said and openly expressed his anger. Baba intervened and scolded Baidul, “All your prayers and recitation of God’s name are useless! Your prayer is helpful only if you can keep your heart clean! This is the purpose of prayer….

“You keep awake […]

“I declare with my divine authority that I am God.”


Baba sent the group away and called about twenty of the workers of the Eluru Meher Centre to his room. He spelled out to them, “I say with my divine authority that I am God.”

He repeated his statement, “I declare with my divine authority that I am God.”

Then he concluded,”I am […]

“The only reality is to catch firm hold of the daaman”


One day, Upasni Maharaj, when we were alone in his hut, said to me with folded hands, “You are the Avatar.” Now, although it is a fact that the Avatar, God and you all are One, yet all that I want you to do is to love me, obey me with full faith. […]

“Holding of my daaman has most meaning”

Baba explained about gurus who “initiate” disciples by whispering some word in their ear, such as a mantra. Baba had this couplet of Kabir’s recited:

He who bestows grace through the whisper of a divine word in the ear Is a master of the limited, not the Unlimited. The Masters of the […]

“Weep within continuously; outwardly remain normal and cheerful.”

At 2:55 P.M. a qawaali program began. One song mentioned “shedding tears for the Beloved,” and Baba commented: “Tears that stream down the cheeks without your being aware of them are very difficult to control. But if restrained, they give more happiness. You will find greater joy in the inner companionship with your Beloved.


The Highest of The High




Today is 7th Sept.

7th Sept 1953 Beloved Baba gave the Highest of the High Message at Dehra Dun.

Click on the image above for the ‘Highest of the High’ message.


“Obey my first word without questions or suggestions”

The following morning, 20 April 1963, the Bombay group came again, but that day the atmosphere was heavy and gloomy. Baba had fever and looked awful. He told them, “Do not argue before God or be headstrong, for a rock is easily crushed in His hands!” Baba tried to joke with the group, but […]

“Be resolved to hold fast to my daaman” – Part 5 (Final)

Kutumba left his home for my work immediately after his young brother had died in the house. Kutumba, as the elder brother, did not even wait to perform the funeral rites demanded by custom. When questioned by visitors, the family replied by repeating what Kutumba Sastri had told them: that the man loved Baba […]