Implicit obedience to the Master is not as easy as it sounds


Joseph Harb had recently undergone gall bladder surgery, and Baba went to see him three times at the Jehangir Nursing Home. Herman Alvarado arrived and also saw Joseph. Harry Dedolchow and A. K. Das visited Guruprasad for three days at this time. Dedolchow asked Baba if he could go to the hospital and […]

Life Circular 45

This is to all of you who love me and obey me, as well as to all those who would do so. Most particularly it is to all of you who have replied in the affirmative [Yes], stating your resolution to obey me and hold fast to my daaman under all circumstances, and irrespective […]

The Pearl Diver

When I became a lover I thought I had gained the Pearl of the Goal; foolish I did not know that this Pearl lies on the floor of an ocean which has innumerable waves to be encountered and great depths to be sounded. — Hafiz

In the beginning the seeker of Truth is like […]

“If one can go into deep sleep and remain awake, one has it!”

“When the tongue is silent, the mind speaks;

When the mind is silent, the heart sings;

When the heart stops singing,

the Soul begins to experience its original Self.”

Baba continued, “In deep sleep, tongue, mind and heart are silent and one is […]

The Divine Effulgence – Noor

Hoshang asked about the difference between seeing God physically and seeing God on the sixth plane. Baba explained, but ended by stating: “To see God is not the final aim. The aim is to be One with Him.”

Baba called Kaikobad and asked him to narrate his visions and experiences. Kaikobad said: “First, I […]

“Becoming empty and naked”

Baba used to tease Pukar by prodding his stomach with an aluminum basin used by Baba to wash his hands, and which was kept by his side in mandali hall. One morning when Baba prodded Pukar, he smiled at the resultant sound it produced and said, “Pukar is full of emptiness,” and added, “To […]

“God Is”


After going to Kaikobad’s room, Baba returned to the hall at nine o’clock. He inquired, “Eruch, last night you men were talking quite loudly. What was the matter?”

Eruch said, “We were discussing the topic: God is One and He is many, too.

Harry was there so we were talking loudly.” (Kenmore, besides […]

“I want all my lovers to guard against maya’s tricks and hold firmly on to my daaman”


… The only thing that maya cannot go against is my work, because maya itself is the means of bringing about the results of my work.

Maya being the instrument for the fulfillment of my work, it is but natural that it should do its utmost to bring about the utmost results of […]

What it means to follow Baba


When one man taking darshan expressed his desire to follow Baba, in response Baba explained:

You want to follow me? Do you know what it means? It means to leave all and follow me. And do you know what it is to leave all? It is to leave everything, even your self, behind […]

“Complete surrender, in itself, embodies the acceptance by the Master”



“He who genuinely surrenders to a Perfect Master surrenders completely without asking for permission to do so.

He does not even expect acceptance of his surrender from the Master.

Complete surrender, in itself, embodies the acceptance by the Master of the man who has surrendered completely […]