“When you really have that want, you will not need to worry how to lead the life — you will live it”

On Sunday, 11 January 1959, a Christian, who wished to “lead a perfect life of love and service in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ,” expressed a keen desire for Baba’s guidance. The man’s request for an interview was granted. When he arrived at the appointed time, Baba was with a gathering. This […]

God as Sun and three planes


Take for example that the sun is God. The sun is not God, it is gas. But let us say it is God — infinite power, infinite bliss, infinite knowledge. It is all there in the sun. Those in the mental sphere are near the sun, and they directly receive the rays of […]

What is meant by ‘to come to me’


Charles Purdom asked, “Will you comment on what you mean by ‘to come to me’?” Baba replied: To come to me means liberation, experiencing me as I am, no more bondage of births and deaths. But it does not mean the state of a Perfect Master or Perfection. That is only to be […]

‘Spiritual Helplessness’ of the Avatar

The mandali could not understand how the Avatar of the Age could become helpless spiritually. Last night, Eruch asked me: “How is it possible for God to become spiritually helpless?” Now I repeat my explanation to him.

I am conscious of all-power and I am conscious of all-knowing. I know everything. I am conscious […]

The duty of the lover of God

Beloved God is in all. What is then the duty of the lover? It is to make the Beloved happy without sparing himself. Without giving a second thought to his own happiness, the lover should seek the pleasure of the Beloved. The only thought a lover of God should have is to make the […]

“The difference is only in the state of consciousness”

Why do I say everything is within you? It is not above or beneath. The difference is only in the state of consciousness. For example, an ant is here on the Barn floor. It is free, active. You also do actions here on the same floor; but the consciousness of the ant when compared […]

Sahavas Experiences – “It was as if at last, … not one life but many, I had come Home.”


Hilda Thorpe of England was attending the sahavas with her son, Simon. On the 26th, she wrote her other son, Anthony, (in New Zealand) about the sahavas and her first impressions of meeting Baba.

The following is an extract from Hilda’s letter:

… I don’t know how to write of this momentous experience […]

How can you be free of actions? – Part 2 (Final)

The state in between states 1 and 2 may be compared with a child awake and out of the cradle. It is an example of conscious action.

The state of the majzoob of the seventh plane may be compared with a somnambulist. The somnambulist walks about or performs other actions in his sleep and […]

How can you be free of actions? – Part 1



The discourse on “Action and Inaction” (delivered originally in Poona the year before) was then read:

1. In the Beyond, Beyond state of God, there is “unconscious inaction.”

2. In the state of God-realization, there is “conscious inaction.” This is not the state of Perfection, but of liberation [najaat, mukti; a Jivanmukta, […]

“If you take a complete turn, you experience yourself as infinite” – Part 2 (Final)

Now, the point is, how should Beryl do this?

It is impossible, because since millions of births she has formed the habit of looking in one direction. Just as when you are born, you see what is in front of you and continue to see it and take it for granted. The most you […]