Real Darshan is possible only through love

One day N. S. Agrawal of Nagpur came for a few hours and, seeking solace, pressed his head on Baba’s feet. As he returned to his seat, he requested that Baba give him darshan, “I have come for darshan; I have got to have darshan.”

“You have just had Baba’s darshan!” Eruch remarked.

Still, […]

Intellect cannot grasp the ways of Perfect Masters – Part 2 (Final)

Baba spoke about other Perfect Masters the same day:

Ramakrishna Paramhansa was uneducated. One day a man approached him desiring to give a piece of land to Ramakrishna. A government officer was to come to register the deed. This “frightened” Ramakrishna and he wondered what would happen when the big official appeared!

Although being […]

Intellect cannot grasp the ways of Perfect Masters – Part 1

On the morning of Good Friday, 15 April 1960, Baba explained about the Perfect Master Bayazid:

Bayazid was a Qutub, well known in the Sufi world.

A Sufi poet has sung: “Only after cycles is one born like Bayazid!” He hailed from Khurasan [Iran]. Once a man, who walked 70 miles, came to him […]

“Can you call this a life worth living?”


Baba asked Sanjeevani Deshmukh to translate this [the previous messages on obedience including “How to become footlesss and headless?”] into Marathi. She hesitated, saying that it was difficult as the passage dealt with philosophy. Her father, Dr. Deshmukh, agreed. Baba corrected him:

Do not call it philosophical. It is not philosophy! It depicts […]

How to become footless and headless?

Do whatever I tell you. Do not use your mind. When the Will of the Beloved becomes your will, then you are footless and headless. Yet all this is impossible — even the very desire for union with Beloved God is madness. So there remains only one solution, and that is to become the […]

It is very difficult to be without wants – only Baba’s Grace can save us

On 14 April, the following couplets of Hafiz (which Baba had previously translated into English) were read out:

Hafiz says:

O ignorant one! Strive, so that one day you become a Master of Wisdom. Unless you yourself have traversed the Path, how can you guide others? In the Divine School, in the presence of […]

“It is best that you stick to me alone”


During one session (on 30 May), Baba told his lovers:

I often warn my lovers not to visit any saints. Why do I do so? Because in that case there is a likelihood of your breaking the instructions that I give you. For your personal, spiritual upliftment, such incidents are most undesirable, and […]

“By surrendering to me both his good and bad, anyone can be free.”

Baba embraced them and asked Dedolchow about his difficulties, and he described the rigors of life at sea as a merchant marine. He also spoke about the division he felt in himself between his impure thoughts and actions on the one hand, and his urge to go toward his “Father” (Baba) on the other, […]

“The real danger of these experiences is that it misleads the seeker into thinking that he has reached the Goal”

Baba opened the proceedings by remarking:

It is said that I am envious, that I do not like to see people getting attached to saints. The fact is that I am envious, but I can only be envious of myself, for there is nothing greater or beyond me — I am above and beyond […]

“If you see a snake think of me and say my name.”


During the first few days of their visit, Baba kept asking Alain if something was worrying him. He would abruptly stop the conversation in the middle and ask, “Is something bothering you?” to which Alain would always say, “No, Baba.”

Finally, Alain said, “Yes, Baba, there is something that is worrying me. I […]