Illusion and the soul’s apparent bondage


On Sunday, 18 September 1960, Baba explained how the world is a prison:

The whole world is a prison, for the Soul experiences being behind the bars in a cell of its gross-subtle-mental body. The hold of illusion is so strong that it imprints the feeling of perpetual bondage. And the eternally free […]

“Do not seek material pleasure and you will find the spiritual treasure”

“Seek and you shall find” has become such a commonplace slogan that spiritual aspirants have begun to wonder what it means.

To them I say: “Do not seek and you will find.”

Do not seek material pleasure and you will find the spiritual treasure. This means, seek only God by not seeking material pleasure […]

Mental consciousness and gross actions


During Baba’s present seclusion, he continued giving discourses. On Saturday, 6 August 1960, he drew a diagram and expounded on the infinite atmas (souls) in Paramatma (Oversoul or God) and gave some further points on the working of the Avatar. He also gave a discourse on mental consciousness, part of which follows:

Those […]

“We should not condemn even those who condemn us”


On Thursday, 9 June 1960, Baba visited the Hindu Women’s Rescue Home, an institution for neglected women and abandoned children. First the teachers bowed to Baba, and then the orphan girls filed past. Baba embraced some and gave this message:

Love and understanding never condemn, but seek to help and encourage. Men and […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – “Time and space are no barriers for me” Part 6 (Final)

As he would sit before Baba each day, at times thoughts would come into his mind such as: “I want to stay here and live with Baba. But if I am in Miami with my father, it would be the same as being with Baba.”

One day, just as this thought surfaced yet again, […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 5

Someone said, “I will try to …”

“Don’t try,” Baba interrupted.

The more you try, the less are the chances to receive love. It is said that those who want love should, in the midst of life, become deaf, dumb and blind! This will gradually free you from the wants you would like fulfilled […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 4

Then, Baba looked directly at Irwin and asked if he had a question. Irwin Luck recalled: “There was what I thought was a long pause on my part as my mind was working at high speed. If I had only one question to ask it should be the one that answers all others. But […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 3


Another time Baba told everyone in the room to leave. Irwin began to rise but Baba motioned him to remain seated. Eruch was the only other person present to translate Baba’s gestures. Baba asked, “Do you believe that I am the Avatar?”

Irwin nodded.

“Speak up.”


“Are you ready to obey?”



First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 2

Irwin sitting next to Adi at Guruprasad

Irwin arrived in Bombay in the early hours of 1 June 1960 and was driven to Poona later the same day by Homa Dadachanji. Don had been summoned from Meherabad to stay in Poona to help look after and guide Irwin. Irwin was accommodated at […]

First Meeting with Baba – Irwin Luck – Part 1

Irwin Luck with Baba at Guruprasad*

Irwin Luck, 22, of Miami, Florida, had found out about Baba the previous year from his younger brother, Edward, who had been in a New York City public library and “by chance” checked out a book titled Listen, Humanity. Edward phoned Irwin and said, “I just read […]