“These tantric powers have nothing to do with the spiritual path”

Dr Bharucha seated on the right side of Baba holding a fan


Dr. Bharucha told Baba of a man in his hometown (Navsari) who professed to have the power to drive out evil spirits from people possessed by them. Bharucha asked Baba, “How are such powers developed, and are the people […]

“Can you imagine my plight overburdened with billions of children?


A woman with two children came to see Baba. He asked her, “Do they trouble you?” She said they did, and Baba remarked, “If only these two small kids can make your life a living hell, can you imagine my plight overburdened with billions of children?”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4966 Apr, 1963; Guruprasad


“What is that action which is I-less?”


Patwardhan came to sing before Baba that day, and asked, “What is that action which is I-less? What is not motivated by the thought of I?”

Baba replied:

In all actions there is I, but the action motivated by love for the Beloved in complete surrender to him has no I in it. […]

“See how he obeys me, even in death!” – A perfect example of obedience to Baba

Vishnu is on the far left*

One day while Merwan Seth was distributing prasad in the temple, a fifteen-year-old boy came forward and held out his hands to receive the sweets. Merwan Seth asked his name and the boy replied, “Vishnu Narayan Deorukhar.”

“What do you do?” Merwan Seth inquired.

“I go […]

“I am Father, I am Mother, Brother, Child, Beloved — whatever you take me to be — and I am God.”

At about 9:30 A.M., two American women arrived to see Baba. They had recently heard of him and had met Arnavaz. Baba met them graciously and motioned to Eruch to bring two chairs, as one of them was elderly and could not easily sit on the floor with everyone else. The other woman was […]

The “weaknesses” of the past Avatars


Nana Kher arrived from Nagpur and stayed with the men mandali at Guruprasad until Baba left at the end of June. Occasionally, Nana Kher would write down what Baba dictated. On 30 and 31 March, Baba explained about the “weaknesses” of each of the past Avatars and also about two ways of realizing […]

“Your desires fill and dirty your heart”

Baba then addressed the audience [at Ahmednagar center]:

God is Infinite. He is all-pervading. He is in each and every one and in everything. Even children in schools in India know this as this is what they are taught. If one studies Vedanta thoroughly, he is under the delusion and concludes that he has […]

“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 3 (Final)

Baba’s unique leela was to tear away the veil of ceremonies and rituals, and he used Meher Dham in Nauranga, Hamirpur, and Mehersthan in Kovvur, Andhra, as his medium. While remaining free of dogmas and tenets, Meher Baba has shown the way for humanity to offer loving and sincere worship to God, and Ramalingeshwara […]

“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 2

Meherstan, Kovvur

When the messages were received in Kovvur, there was much discussion as to what exactly Baba meant in regards to observing rituals in the newly-built center. One person who took the view that Vedic rites should be allowed was P. Ramalingeshwara Rao, an attorney in Kovvur. His letter to Adi […]

“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 1

Mehersthan, Kovvur

Meanwhile, Koduri Krishna Rao had established Mehersthan (House of Meher) on the Western banks of the Godavri River in Kovvur, Andhra, where Baba had given darshan in 1954. A life-size bronze statue of Baba, built in Bombay, had been installed. The unveiling ceremony was fixed for 28 February 1963. Baba […]