“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 2

Meherstan, Kovvur

When the messages were received in Kovvur, there was much discussion as to what exactly Baba meant in regards to observing rituals in the newly-built center. One person who took the view that Vedic rites should be allowed was P. Ramalingeshwara Rao, an attorney in Kovvur. His letter to Adi […]

“Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals” – Part 1

Mehersthan, Kovvur

Meanwhile, Koduri Krishna Rao had established Mehersthan (House of Meher) on the Western banks of the Godavri River in Kovvur, Andhra, where Baba had given darshan in 1954. A life-size bronze statue of Baba, built in Bombay, had been installed. The unveiling ceremony was fixed for 28 February 1963. Baba […]

“This Path is not for the weak and the faint-hearted!”


Bhikubhai had been instructed to bring the well-known bhajan singer of Poona, Gajanan Watve, to sing. Knowing Baba enjoyed ghazals the most, Watve had specially learned some. At one point, explaining about divine love, Baba observed:

Divine love is the gift of God to man. It can be compared with the grace of […]

“The thick curtain of maya hides my face from your sight”


On another occasion, Baba quoted this verse from the Perfect Master Tukaram:

Even if I were to have your sahavas [company] continually, the mystery of your being would still not be unfolded to me.

Baba explained: “Although you are with me all the time, yet you cannot really see me.”

To […]

On the conduct of weekly gatherings

After John Bass’ return from India, he wrote to Adi inquiring how they should conduct their Monday Night meetings in New York City.

…In reply, Adi wrote back on 26 December 1962:

Any act can be a ceremony and a bunch of acts cannot be a ceremony. Love and devotion should not be made […]

The significance of obedience to Baba


A child is born and as he grows, his consciousness also increases. From childhood to youth, middle age and old age, but not a thought occurs to him as to from where and for what he has taken birth. Births after births pass in this way. He only thinks of worldly things, never […]

“All you have to do is to obey me”

Madhusudan then sang a few ghazals whose meaning would occasionally be interpreted by Baba. He said:

On the Path, cowards have no place. Hafiz said that when he became a lover of God, he thought he had got a grip over the “Pearl.” But he never dreamt of the depth of the Ocean and […]

“Love and grace are needed on the Path” – Part 2 (Final)

I am the Avatar of this Age. … See that my daaman does not slip from your hands then. Hafiz says:

Do not try for Realization because even to try for it is sheer madness. Have only one madness — to become as dust at the feet of the Perfect Master.

To […]

“Love and grace are needed on the Path” – Part 1


Baba then mentioned those who dabble in Vedanta and the Upanishads and confuse it with spiritual experience:

In North India, particularly in Rishikesh and Hardwar, there is a regular bazaar of saints, mahatmas and sadhus with their “disciples” of various sects and factions, who fight among themselves to entice seekers from one sect […]

“You will then be pushed away by the newcomers.”

One lover abruptly entered the room and sat down. Baba turned to him and stated,

“Be happy, don’t worry. I am the only Reality in this world.

“Once I break my silence, great waves of people will come to me.” Pointing to those present, he said, “You will then be pushed away by the […]