“Love is the only propeller and the only remedy.”

Kitty was sufficiently alarmed by Allan Cohen’s letter to forward it to Baba, and although Baba was in seclusion, it was read to him. On 10 October, 1964, Baba replied to Cohen through Adi:

…I am glad to inform you that I was able to convey the gist of your letter to Avatar Meher […]

“Through me you [the Mandali] are serving the whole universe!”

Meanwhile, in North India, there was a severe shortage of wheat and rice after three years of drought and thousands of poor people were facing famine. The newspapers were full of descriptions of their plight. In the hall each morning, after attending to the correspondence and pending matters, if there was time, Baba would […]

Baba emphasizes love for each other in doing his work

There had been insufficient rain that year, and the farmers’ crops in Ahmednagar District were failing. Drinking water was likewise becoming a problem, as the wells were drying up. Around noon on the 6th, after Baba had returned from Ahmednagar, 30 Arangaon villagers came to Meherazad in bullock carts, singing the whole distance of […]

“Waiting for my call is the greatest possible work you can ever do!”

Since returning to Meherazad, Bhau’s nightwatch duties were to begin each day from 2:30 or 3:00 P.M. But Baba would not call him then, since the women would be with him. Instead, Bhau was made to sit a short distance away on Rano’s verandah (because Baba might call him at any time), and Baba […]

“I will do my work in my own way at the fair”

Meanwhile, the New York World’s Fair was scheduled to open on 22 April 1964, and the American lovers had contributed and built a beautiful information booth for Baba’s “Universal Message” to be disseminated. The booth in the Pavilion of American Interiors. On 12 April, Baba sent Elizabeth Patterson and Jane Haynes this telegram for […]

“Peace and happiness are not to be fought for but to be sought for within oneself”

On 30 January, Baba gave this message for the new Hindi weekly periodical,Guide (published in Raipur):

Throughout the ages men have been deeply involved in the struggle for peace and happiness. It is this struggle that lands them into chaos and misery. If men were only to become conscious of the fact that peace […]

“I have come not to teach but to awaken.”

A blind Bengali scholar named Dr. Subodh Chandra Roy, 50, had been teaching in New York at the New School for Social Research since 1948. Tom Riley had been a student there in 1956 and had taken courses in Indian philosophy with Dr Roy. One day Tom told Dr. Roy about Baba and referred […]

“While the so-called rich may bow down to me, I bow down to the poor!”

Although Baba remained in seclusion, on occasion he would allow individuals to see him. When Ramakrishnan in Poona learned that a few people had been permitted darshan, he felt disturbed. One day a letter was received from him in which he wrote: “Some people think that only the rich are given permission to visit […]

Baba answers how ‘Infinity is bottled up in His finite body’ with a simile

Many of Baba’s explanations to Niranjan Singh were written down and included in the book, The Everything and The Nothing. In 1963, when Niranjan entered mandali hall, Baba signaled Francis to bring a copy of the book for him, because, as Baba observed, “Through his questions, Niranjan was [partly] responsible for creating it.”

Francis […]

“It is when man travels within himself, that he experiences a metamorphosis of his self.”


Numerous American and Russian rocket space flights were also in the news at this time. One morning some remark from one of the mandali elicited this response from Baba on the subject of the exploration of space:

However far man may fling himself into outer space, even if he were to succeed in […]