“While the so-called rich may bow down to me, I bow down to the poor!”

Although Baba remained in seclusion, on occasion he would allow individuals to see him. When Ramakrishnan in Poona learned that a few people had been permitted darshan, he felt disturbed. One day a letter was received from him in which he wrote: “Some people think that only the rich are given permission to visit […]

Qualities required for the conduct of Baba Centers – sweetness of humility, fragrance of harmony and the sheer simplicity of love for one another.

Also on the 11th, Eruch wrote to those in Bombay about conducting the affairs of their center:

Baba says that he always feels pleased and at home when he finds his lovers living and working for his cause in an atmosphere that is surcharged with the sweetness of humility, the fragrance of harmony and […]

Baba answers how ‘Infinity is bottled up in His finite body’ with a simile

Many of Baba’s explanations to Niranjan Singh were written down and included in the book, The Everything and The Nothing. In 1963, when Niranjan entered mandali hall, Baba signaled Francis to bring a copy of the book for him, because, as Baba observed, “Through his questions, Niranjan was [partly] responsible for creating it.”

Francis […]

“It is when man travels within himself, that he experiences a metamorphosis of his self.”


Numerous American and Russian rocket space flights were also in the news at this time. One morning some remark from one of the mandali elicited this response from Baba on the subject of the exploration of space:

However far man may fling himself into outer space, even if he were to succeed in […]

The three stages of experiences on the spiritual path — enthusiasm, depression and hope.


On the 25th, Baba explained about three stages of experiences on the spiritual path — enthusiasm, depression and hope:

There are three states of experiences. When a seeker enters the spiritual path, for twelve years he has the experience of enthusiasm. Then comes the period of depression. This depression goes deep to such […]

“To make a seemingly small alteration, the Perfect Master has to make innumerable alterations in the universe”

This is a story about the knowledge and power of the Qutub. There was once a Muslim Perfect Master named Piran-e-Pir Dastagir in Baghdad. He was a Qutub and loved a boy very much. The boy loved his father very much. At the age of seven years, the boy’s father died and the boy […]

Pearls vs seashells

In reference to the abundance of so-called saints and false gurus in the East, Baba at one point stopped the singing and commented: “They are like seashells scattered on the beach, their superfluous glitter attracting the loiterers on the beach, who pick them up and think they have gained the treasure of the sea. […]

“If you do not brood over the loss of your belongings, then you have achieved something”

Baba was in the hall by 7:45 A.M. on Saturday, 8 June 1963, and he embraced the newcomers. He mentioned he had explained many things during the last four days, and then inquired about how they slept. One of those present said she could not sleep because she had a headache. Baba advised, “Remember […]

“It was the grace of my Master that I became as dust at his feet and thus became the Highest!” – Hafiz

Baba then began a discourse:

There are seven stations in the process of evolution. After one has crossed all these, one gets complete consciousness in human form. But unfortunately, with this consciousness, one has also gathered impressions [sanskaras]. One has to shed them during the involution process, which also has seven stations. As soon […]

“If you make a mistake, acknowledge it; do not go on arguing.”

On one occasion, when Adi went to the hotel where Kenmore was staying to deliver some food. He returned late. In fact, well after Kenmore arrived back at Guruprasad, Adi was noticed to have returned. On Baba’s questioning him why he was so late, Adi began to justify his omission with a rather verbose […]