The interplay of good and bad actions in life

Baba in Mysore

The next day, a discussion among the men mandali took place about the interplay of good and bad actions in life, whereupon Baba stated:

There is really nothing like “good” or “bad.” As good is necessary, likewise bad is also necessary — like positive and negative. Both […]

“The number of hours one sleeps is acquired by habit; it is not a “necessity.””

On the 7th, Baba spoke about sleep:

The number of hours one sleeps is acquired by habit; it is not a “necessity.” In fact, sleep is a state of unconsciousness, and all beings spiritually are unconscious until full real consciousness is gained in Self-Realization. This state of unconsciousness during sleep is really nothing but […]

“No two souls united in wedlock as husband and wife can be Realized together simultaneously”

In one of Vollmoeller’s scenarios [in Baba’s film project], he had written that a husband and wife achieve God-realization together. On Tuesday, 1 January 1935, Baba pointed out that this could never happen. He explained, “No two souls united in wedlock as husband and wife can be Realized together simultaneously —never.”

Vollmoeller asked Baba […]

Absorption of a person in a subject concerning Baba facilitates Him to dislodge seats of low desires

Baba aboard a ship

On Thursday, 15 November 1934, Baba boarded the SS Tuscania in Bombay to set sail for Europe.

He was accompanied by Kaka, Chanji, Adi Sr. and Jalbhai. Rustom saw them off at the dock and Baba again said he would call Rustom to America later.

Baba and Kaka […]

How the mind changes all aspects of suffering

Baba visited Akbar Press on Monday, 22 October 1934. While there, he explained how the mind changes all aspects of suffering, giving the example of two of his women followers, each suffering physically:

One woman is old in age, but lacking in wisdom. She is full of whims and weaknesses of mind. She complains […]

“Your faith and courage have made me very happy.”

Kaikobad to the right of Baba


On Sunday, 27 February 1966, Adi came to Meherazad at 9:30 A.M. with Waman and Dhake. Baba was in the hall, lying on a table about to be massaged by Eruch and Bhau. He called Adi near and gestured, “I am God.” Adi was taken […]

The fortunate boy

A seven-year-old boy named Jayanti regularly attended the Ahmednagar Center meetings but had not yet met Baba in person. After he had pestered Adi and others to take him to Baba, one morning, with Baba’s consent, he was brought by Waman Padale. Before being taken to Baba, Eruch asked the boy, “Why do you […]

“Leave everything to me and be free.”


On the 24th, Baba permitted his company to several of his local lovers, such as the Khilnanis, Viloo, her daughters Gulnar and Freiny, Piroja, Banumasi, and Sam Kerawala and his daughters.

Baba asked Prem Khilnani, “What are you thinking?” Khilnani told him about his continued anxiety over his promotion. Baba advised him to […]

On ‘Reporting to Baba’


Taking a break from a business trip to Cochin from New Delhi, Don Stevens visited Meherazad again for a day on the morning of 27 November 1965. He arrived in Meherjee’s car with Meherwan Jessawala.

Stevens’ mother had recently passed away. Though Don had mentioned it in passing in a letter to Baba, […]

“I am God; my word is Truth.”


Baba asked Robert [Dreyfuss], “What work were you doing before you came to India?”

Robert said that he had been working in a mental hospital. Baba smiled and continued:

Very good. When you go back to the United States I want you to go back to the hospital, to that ward, and I […]