“What harm is there if you cannot accept the concept of God in human form as long as you are 100 percent honest”

A Zoroastrian army general and his wife came to see Baba for the first time. He had heard and read a little about Baba but could not accept the fact that Baba was God in human form. After the general was seated and introduced, Baba told him, “What harm is there if you cannot […]

“Go and tell the world that I am God in human form!”

To one devotee who wished that Baba would give him some specific duty, Baba stated, “Go and tell the world that I am God in human form! When I break my silence, all will know that I am God!”

The man had come to Baba for the first time. He pleaded, “We cannot love […]

“No one knows how I am suffering”

1965 Darshan

“No one knows how I am suffering. My suffering is not only physical but also mental and spiritual. There is a great difference between your mental and spiritual suffering and mine. My mental suffering is very intense and it is because of the pseudo-saints that abound in the world today. […]

“In the silence of your perfect surrender, my love which is always silent can flow to you”

[Baba’s message during 1965 Darshan]

This time of your being with me, I do not intend giving you a lot of words to exercise your minds. I want your minds to sleep so that your hearts may awaken in my love.

You have had enough words; I have had enough words. It is not […]

“You should do whatever work I give to you and that is all you should be concerned with.”


Jalbhai, thinking he had finally found a boy whom Baba would like, brought Bhagirath Premraj Tiwari on the 26th. Bhagirath was a ten-year old boy from Parner village, whose mother had died, and Baba liked him very much. “Would you do the work I give you?” Baba asked him.

“Assuredly,” the boy answered.


“Be an instrument of God and serve humanity”

Dr. Ginde came almost every weekend to see Baba at Guruprasad. During one visit, he described to Baba how he had operated on a child pronounced dead and brought him back to life — and he believed he did this by repeating Baba’s name! The boy, Rashesh Vaidya, had fallen from a tall building […]

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An indication of the depth of the identity of the Avatar with oneself

Don Stevens with Baba’s sadra placed on a chair (2006, AMB Hyderabad Jubilee Hills center)


When Don Stevens was sitting in Eruch’s room, Mani came and said, “Don, I am glad you are here because Baba had us put away a present for you.” She walked off and came back a […]

“All worship returns to me”

On Sunday, April 16th, Baba discoursed to the westerners, spelling out: “When love for God reaches its zenith, it destroys the ‘I-ness,’ and all desires and longings. Nothing remains except God and his lover united as one! This is Perfection.

“You do not know what love is; emotional feeling, intense longing and sexual attraction […]

Be a true ‘sportsman’ in the game of life

Baba playing cricket

On 14 January, Baba sent this message for the Andhra Pradesh Sports Council’s third annual track and field competition:

When an excellent performance by one’s opponents is appreciated equally by one’s own side, sports not only makes for physical fitness and mental alertness, but becomes a […]