On ‘Reporting to Baba’


Taking a break from a business trip to Cochin from New Delhi, Don Stevens visited Meherazad again for a day on the morning of 27 November 1965. He arrived in Meherjee’s car with Meherwan Jessawala.

Stevens’ mother had recently passed away. Though Don had mentioned it in passing in a letter to Baba, […]

“I am God; my word is Truth.”


Baba asked Robert [Dreyfuss], “What work were you doing before you came to India?”

Robert said that he had been working in a mental hospital. Baba smiled and continued:

Very good. When you go back to the United States I want you to go back to the hospital, to that ward, and I […]

“If drugs could make one realize God, then God is not worthy of being God.”

Baba then asked if many young people in America were taking drugs, such as LSD. Robert [Dreyfuss] said yes, and Baba said, “Tell those that are, that if drugs could make one realize God, then God is not worthy of being God.”

Baba told Robert imperatively to discontinue taking drugs and to tell others […]

“Let thoughts come and go, but do not be anxious about them. Continue obeying me.”

A daughter named Shakuntala was born on the 18th to Chhagan’s wife, who became quite ill after the delivery. Four days later, Baba directed Chhagan to take his wife to Ahmednagar and return after admitting her to the hospital. But Chhagan was in a bad mood and refused.

Baba asked him why he did […]

If you want this prem [love] that you desire, for the service of others, you must obey me”

Robert Dreyfuss [aged 22] had been planning a trip to India for some years and now knew why — to see Meher Baba! He learned of the sahavas to be held in December 1965, but having neither the money nor the inclination to join Harry Kenmore’s group charter flight, Dreyfuss flew to London on […]

“Forget yourself, remember Me, love Me – is the way to lead a spiritual life”


A person casually opening the conversation said, “Baba, from now on, You have stopped giving darshan. Will you please guide us today as to how to lead a spiritual life?”

Baba gestured, “Simple: forget yourself, remember Me, love Me. This will help not only you, but anyone, to lead a spiritual life.”

Glipses […]

Don’t just try but do your best


Once Baba wrote to Delia to arrange something very difficult. Delia sent this telegram”:I will try.”

Baba cabled back immediately, “Leave it.” Delia then realized that Baba was dissatisfied and cabled: “I will do my best.”

Baba was pleased and answered, “Go ahead. I will help you.”

Though very few words were exchanged […]

“What harm is there if you cannot accept the concept of God in human form as long as you are 100 percent honest”

A Zoroastrian army general and his wife came to see Baba for the first time. He had heard and read a little about Baba but could not accept the fact that Baba was God in human form. After the general was seated and introduced, Baba told him, “What harm is there if you cannot […]

“Go and tell the world that I am God in human form!”

To one devotee who wished that Baba would give him some specific duty, Baba stated, “Go and tell the world that I am God in human form! When I break my silence, all will know that I am God!”

The man had come to Baba for the first time. He pleaded, “We cannot love […]

“No one knows how I am suffering”

1965 Darshan

“No one knows how I am suffering. My suffering is not only physical but also mental and spiritual. There is a great difference between your mental and spiritual suffering and mine. My mental suffering is very intense and it is because of the pseudo-saints that abound in the world today. […]