By this incident Baba showed her that he wished her to develop foresight

The electricity in Baba’s bungalow suddenly went out one night, and Baba directed Rano to telephone the authorities concerned. Rano was, of course, a total stranger to Lahore and wondered whom to contact and where to find a phone. She moved about here and there in the dark, and at last went to a […]

“In the Path, the most important condition of discipleship is readiness to work for the spiritual cause”


Baba’s message was particularly aimed at the spiritual workers who had been invited to these gatherings. He urged them to awaken people to the understanding that the divine treasure is always within each one, but it is each person’s duty to experience it consciously. Here is a brief excerpt:

In the Path, the […]

Spiritual freedom


He went on to state,

“There is no gift greater than the gift of spiritual freedom, and there is no task more important than the task of helping others to achieve spiritual freedom.”

But he added:

Spiritual freedom has to be won by oneself for oneself through watchful and unfailing war against the […]

“It is nothing but a dream”


The interviews continued throughout the afternoon of 20 July 1956. At 4:00 P.M., Baba called Ella Winterfeldt in to ask how many were left. Ella had dreamt of Baba, and he told her, “Ella my dear, all the world is an illusion; it is a dream and only God is real.”

Baba called […]

“There are two lakhs [200,000] of masts in India”

Baba with Mohammed Mast


From Najibabad, Baba and his four companions took a train for Ajmer. On the way, Baba spoke about the number of masts in different countries:

There are two lakhs [200,000] of masts in India. There are one thousand masts in Russia and one thousand in China. In […]

“It is not merely the desire, but a keen inner longing that, in time, brings one in contact with a true saint or Master.”

One day in Rishikesh, Baba was giving Chanji instructions at the mandali’s quarters when a sanyasi came to the gate desiring darshan. Chanji went to him and told him that Meher Baba, being in seclusion, was not seeing anyone until his tours in the Himalayas were finished.

The sanyasi exploded with anger, “Why does […]

“By starving the mind of desires, the ego becomes very thin and weak”

Baba called all the mandali to the mast ashram (on the hill) at three in the afternoon, and gave this explanation about fasting:

The body will survive for 95 days if one remains only on water. Just as the body feeds on food, so the mind feeds on desires, and indulgence in these desires […]

“The greatest lesson that this war has taught to all of us is the futility of false values in life”

Later that day, January 6th, Baba remarked about the [Second world] war and India:

The greatest lesson that this war has taught to all of us is the futility of false values in life, such as wealth, property, possessions, et cetera, which have no consideration or value at all when life itself is at […]

“If someone were to ask me what makes me happiest, my reply would be embracing a mast”

Baba embracing Shariat Khan, Bangalore

The second sadhu* contacted was a young [during Khumb Mela at Allahabad, 1941], handsome man of about 30, who saw Baba from a distance. For a while he began dancing as if overcome with happiness. He paced about and then sat down — the feeling had overpowered […]

“This Blue Bus is like the chariot of Krishna, and after my manifestation, people will worship it!”

Original Blue Bus – used for tours between 1938 to 1941

Blue Bus shell at Meherazad (Today it houses surgical bed used by Baba at the time dropping His physical form)


For their return journey to Meherabad, Baba sent for Sarosh to come to Dharwar and drive […]