Dr Daulat Singh’s first meeting with his Beloved

Dr. Daulat Singh was practicing medicine in England when he had a dream in which a disciple (Swami Bhabananda) introduced him to his Master (Baba). Daulat Singh had never met either Bhabananda or Meher Baba. In the dream, the Master urged Daulat Singh, “Leave England and return to India. I have connections with you.” […]

“You may read Shastras for the rest of your life, but that will not take you an inch nearer to God if you have no desire to see Him”


In the town of Domel, a Punjabi gentleman approached Baba while Baba was reclining on his seat in the bus, and asked if he believed in the Bhagavad Gita. Baba gave him a succinct reply:

“I not only believe in it, I experience it every moment! God is to be seen and actually […]

“You run after the shadow, losing the substance”

On the train traveling from Lahore to Amritsar, a 53-year-old Muslim man in the compartment was also visibly drawn to Baba. He kept gazing steadily at Baba, who was patting the new boy seated beside him. After some time, Baba looked straight at him and dictated through one of the mandali, “My friend, there […]

“Never feel ashamed to do any useful work”


While Vishnu and Raosaheb were at Harvan, Baba went sightseeing in Srinagar with Chanji, Ali Akbar, and Tulsi. They walked around the city streets and bazaar. Baba spotted two Kashmiri boys named Rehman and Adam, whom he immediately liked and had brought back to his residence. There, Baba began cooking cabbage and the […]

“Try to create divine love within your heart by longing for God and you will have everything”

Later that day, R. N. Kalia, the Delhi correspondent of a Lahore English newspaper, came to see Baba. Kalia said, “I am now trying to make as much money as possible so that I may be able to invite saints like you to my house. I wish to serve saints and keep them in […]

“The true sign of love is to give everything – to give and give!”

The next step to this love is union. Therefore, love. Give more love, and more and more love. Big hearts always give and give in; small hearts take and take in.

One day, I will explain more about love to you all. Love is not understood properly. Every emotional act cannot be counted as […]

“This (Real) Love is higher than both obedience and devotion”


At one point, Baba again warned that continually thinking of how to get rid of the ego and how to merge in the Infinite is a hindrance on the path rather than a help. Continuing, Baba emphasized obedience:

You will always find very many who do not obey. They are just devoted. They […]

“Don’t think of how and when (of merging with Baba) – just think of Baba”


Nadine Tolstoy asked what it is like for Baba to feel himself to be God. Baba replied, using her given Russian name Nadia:

Heaven and hell, God and man all are here. You are now God, plus Nadia. When Nadia disappears, God remains. So, Nadia must go. Let Nadia go, and then God […]

Give in for the sake of harmony


… There are bound to be differences, but one or the other of you must give in. One of you must give in. That means all of you who stay must be prepared to give in. I do not mind crises, I do not mind chaos, but I do mind disharmony. At present, […]

“I am so often misunderstood in my human aspect”

Baba at Pandu Lena Caves, Nasik

At the Pandu Lena Caves [Nasik], Baba took them to each of the 22 caves, and in some he made a few remarks about the rishis, sages and yogis who had stayed there. Baba particularly liked cave number eight and sat in it with Norina, Delia […]