“You preserve and protect your body to feed your soul”

One night Baba made these comments to the mandali concerning the process of death:

You eat food, and to keep yourselves healthy and fit, you pass out the residue as excrement. But do you ever shed tears for the waste you eliminate? Do you ever think about it, or feel regret over it? Not […]

Spirituality in a nutshell!


He [Baba] asked three boys — Vazir, Raja and Thakia — about their studies and whether they knew the English alphabet. For a joke, Baba asked Feram Workingboxwala what he was studying (as if he too were a schoolboy).

Feram answered, “Nothing in particular.”

Baba acted surprised and asked, “Do you know anything […]

“I feel all your suffering because you all are in me”


Baba asked Ivy, “What are you thinking?”

She replied, “I was wondering what you were thinking!”

Baba answered, “I was thinking that God within each of you is free, infinite; yet He feels Himself bound in each of you and therefore He suffers. I am infinitely happy, eternally blissful, yet I suffer every […]

What is meant by the “real gift?”


If a gift is to be real, then both the giver and receiver of the gift must forget the transaction completely. To forget completely would mean that the giver should not feel he has given, and the receiver should not know he has received. If the giver does not forget, then he has […]

Meherjee experienced Baba’s inner help because of his firm determination to obey him

Meherjee Karkaria with Baba

A few years before, Meherjee Karkaria had been instructed by Baba not to sell his business in Iran, but to continue as he had been doing. Meherjee returned to Iran, according to Baba’s advice, and his business was quite prosperous. In 1945 he again visited India and Baba […]

“It does not matter where one lives. It matters how one lives”

A woman actively involved with the Theosophist movement had spent many years in India. When she met Baba on the 1st, she asked him if she would ever go back to India. Baba told her she would, later in her life, but then commented, “Truly speaking, it does not matter where one lives. It […]

Godubai would continually forget to bring up the subject with Baba

Nana Kher, 28, of Nagpur was a friend of Eruch’s. He had been interested in spirituality from childhood, particularly the stories of Ram and Krishna. He heard of Baba in 1941 from Deshmukh (then his professor of philosophy) and from that time on had been yearning for darshan. But when Baba’s darshan program was […]

“I am not a ‘good man,’ I am God-Man!”

Irene Conybeare, Francis and Olla Goldney were seated behind Baba during the poor program. Olla had always been somewhat reserved toward Baba, but when she saw him amidst the poor, she turned to her husband and remarked in broken English with her Scandinavian accent, “He is goo-od man.” Although apparently engrossed in bowing to […]

Infinite compassion through infinite cruelty

During July, the impending sahavas congregation was discussed, and Pendu became the target of Baba’s “arrows.” Although Pendu was still unable to walk unassisted, without crutches, Baba would often harshly criticize Pendu for not paying full attention to all the necessary arrangements which had to be made for the sahavas.

One day Baba called […]

Emergence of higher consciousness is gradual when an advanced soul takes birth

Someone asked, “Do persons on the spiritual planes of consciousness take birth having consciousness of the same plane?” Baba replied:

Yes, but the emergence of consciousness is very gradual, as when a person of gross consciousness dies and is reborn with consciousness of the gross world. The child gradually becomes aware, as it grows […]