Disciples vs devotees

The number of my devotees is great, but the number of my disciples is much less. The devotee seeks the pleasure of his own devotion, while the disciple’s only duty is to obey the commands of the Master, which is much more difficult. Devotees select their own Master and surrender to him. A Master […]

The Divine Union

Not through worldly wisdom, but by diving deep to the innermost, is it possible to be united with God, Who is at once the Lover and the Beloved, for this union, one must summon the necessary courage to rise beyond the alluring shadows of the illusory world of sense-perception. Consciousness, loaded with attachments, gets […]

Spirituality means perfect poise


If you are in the Sahara [desert], and for four days you have no water to drink and all of a sudden one bottle of water appears — how do you react? If you have poise, you will let your companion drink and not mind dying and letting her live. But if you […]

Love means thinking not of yourself but of others

In Karwar, Baba gave this explanation to the women about poise:

What is spirituality? It is the undoing of what you have been doing since ages. You always thought of selfish motives for eating, preserving your life, and attending to every need with zeal. All these lives you have made a habit of looking […]

Determination to follow Baba’s wish


During this period, Rustom Kaka Hathidaru’s wife Silla (nicknamed Kaku) had been ill for six months. When she received the Master’s May circular, she resolved to fast for one month. The doctor was against her doing so, but she was determined. Baba unexpectedly visited her one day and gave Rustom instructions about her […]

“It is a great penance and austerity to wait for me”

As mentioned, during the stay in Ahmednagar in 1948, Baba would visit Meherabad occasionally, and also go to the Family Quarters near Arangaon to see those close ones residing there. There were four families staying at the Family Quarters: Savak Kotwal’s, Chhagan’s, Sidhu’s and Jangle’s. Whenever Baba returned from a tour, these families would […]

The Goal and Its Attainment – God is in all

In the divine scales, vice and virtue are necessary experiences man goes through before attaining the supreme balance of Self-realization, which is beyond all opposites—good and bad.

“Good” is like a clean mirror that reflects the image of God. When true knowledge is gained you realize that the reflection is the image of your […]

The Goal and Its Attainment – Happiness and Bliss


If man wants the happiness he is striving for, let him be more aggressive towards himself and more tolerant towards others. This is no weakness or cowardice—it is the real strength of the brave.

And if man wants to live eternally in bliss, let him live for God and […]

The Goal (Self-realization) and Its Attainment – Have hope

The modern era is steeped in restlessness as man is tossed between conflicting ideals. Like mounds in a sandy desert, intellectual knowledge is mounting up without provision for the expression of the heart, which is so vitally necessary to quench the need of the spirit. It is lack of this that has checkmated man’s […]

The Self, ego and bindings – The imperishable sweetness



The perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone. Yet, if man does not release that spring by removing the ego-blockade, he inevitably suffers in innumerable ways. All that lives is striving for happiness; yet a thousand and one pains and fears attend upon every pleasure which man seeks through the ignorance […]