The Goal and Its Attainment – Happiness and Bliss


If man wants the happiness he is striving for, let him be more aggressive towards himself and more tolerant towards others. This is no weakness or cowardice—it is the real strength of the brave.

And if man wants to live eternally in bliss, let him live for God and […]

The Goal (Self-realization) and Its Attainment – Have hope

The modern era is steeped in restlessness as man is tossed between conflicting ideals. Like mounds in a sandy desert, intellectual knowledge is mounting up without provision for the expression of the heart, which is so vitally necessary to quench the need of the spirit. It is lack of this that has checkmated man’s […]

The Self, ego and bindings – The imperishable sweetness



The perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone. Yet, if man does not release that spring by removing the ego-blockade, he inevitably suffers in innumerable ways. All that lives is striving for happiness; yet a thousand and one pains and fears attend upon every pleasure which man seeks through the ignorance […]

The Self, ego and bindings – Control of mind over energy and matter

Mind begets energy and matter. Without mind there can be neither energy nor matter. Energy is derived from mind and is continually sustained by it; it cannot subsist without mind, latent or manifest. Matter depends upon energy and cannot remain matter without energy, latent or manifest. Mind can subsist without energy, as energy can […]

The Self, ego and bindings – Tuition and Intuition

Intuition has been buried under the debris from the piecemeal tuition of the assailing experiences of the false. Tuition is impressed from without, while intuition dawns from within.

Tuition thwarts intuition. Therefore, the tutoring of the mind by external events has to be counteracted by inner awakening. Then and only then can intuition, in […]

The Self, ego and bindings – Creative and amplificatory imprints

Divinized imprints are not detractive but creative, not restrictive but amplificatory. Thus they are radically different from ego-prints. Essentially they are complementary assets added to the Universal Mind. Their function is not that of curtailment or restriction, but of supplementary increment. On the other hand, the binding impressions of the ego-mind are restrictive and […]

The Self, ego and bindings – Freedom from opposites

Every man is subject to agreeable and disagreeable experiences— of pleasure and pain, success and failure, good and evil, wealth and poverty, power and helplessness, honor and dishonor, gain and loss, fulfillment and frustration.

Each of these opposites invites a suitable response in emotion or in action. Mind is moved by these opposites, and […]

The Self, ego and bindings – The law of karma

All things are governed by laws of one kind or another. Even insignificant business concerns and public institutions have their laws and cannot function without them. This is even more true of the universe. It may seem sometimes as if the universe were not subject to any self-justifying law, and sometimes it appears as […]

The Self, ego and bindings – The Real choice

The ego-mind feels and exercises its limited and illusory freedom when it chooses to succumb to one impressional disposition rather than another. It seems to enjoy freedom in and through its choice. But this freedom is only apparent; it is not freedom of choice. The impression has utilized the ego-mind in order to be […]

The Self, ego and bindings – The binding past

Man is inescapably caught up in the flow of time and is under the pressing burden of the past which impels him now one way, now another. The past leaves its effect in the different spheres of existence and persists as a determinant factor which has to be reckoned with in the present.

Of […]