Evil as a Relic – Part 1

Good as well as evil are impressional products of the evolutionary momentum. They come into conflict with each other and as such are to be recognized as separate groups of forces. Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, each in his own way symbolizes the forces of evil. However, it is a mistake to think that evil is […]

“Desires and longings are the root cause of all suffering”

Baba had once stated: “Words that proceed from the Source of Truth have real meaning …” And direct from the Source came the following words for his lovers, through Mani’s Family Letter of 14 December 1966:

Desires and longings are the root cause of all suffering. The only Real Desire is to see God, […]

Spiritual jingoism – Final Part 3 (The most tragic fact in the situation is that the impostor does not deserve such grace, which alone can save him)

There are some assumptions and presumptions which necessarily attend upon the divine speculation, to which each seeker is inevitably drawn. All search is a struggle to arise from the false to the real. No struggle is possible unless the seeker has some initial idea, right or wrong, about the real. Further, the false cannot […]

Spiritual jingoism – Part 2 (Even sincere seekers can become enticed by the allurements of spiritual jingoism before they become aware that they have fallen)

Among the claimants for spirituality, there are very few who sincerely believe in their own claim and then take their stand by it. Most of them are self-deceived. Such persons deceive themselves before they start deceiving others. But even if they are thoroughly self-deceived, they can wriggle their way out from the tentacles of […]

Spiritual jingoism – Part 1 (The greatest of all frailties is the common fault of not being able to face, accept and acknowledge one’s own weaknesses)

In no sphere of life is jingoism more rampant than in the fields of spirituality. As in the market of economic goods, so also in the realm of spirituality, there is the inexorable law of demand and supply. The whole world is pining for light and freedom. To meet this recurrent and poignant demand […]

The Equation of Body and Soul – Final Part 3 (Exceptions to the one-body-one-soul equation)

Since the one-body-one-soul equation can have so many exceptions, the question of determining the number of souls in existence becomes complicated. There is another aspect to this question which lifts it beyond the ken of any need for enumeration. The number of souls from this point of view is infinite. There is one infinite, […]

The Equation of Body and Soul – Part 2 (Exceptions to the one-body-one-soul equation)

However, cases presumed to be of the many-souls-one-body relationship frequently turn out to be instances of split personality. They are not exceptions to the one-bodyone-soul equation. In split personality some dissociated nexus from the psyche of the same soul gets possession of its body and seeks separate and exclusive expression. It is not another […]

The Equation of Body and Soul – Part 1 (Exceptions to the one-body-one-soul equation)

As a rule we equate one body with one soul. The equation of one body implying one soul holds true, particularly in the higher stages of evolution. However, the exceptions to this general rule are also interesting and noteworthy. In the frequent cases of obsessions we have an example of one and the same […]

Supervening Orders in the Spiritual Panorama – Final Part 6 (The miracle of annihilation of mind)

These examples show how God does everything and at the same time does nothing. This naturally applies to the socalled miracles, which are minor happenings within the great miracle. Mind also can be called the great miracle of the universe, because it is out of the mind that the illusion of the universe arises. […]

Supervening Orders in the Spiritual Panorama – Part 5 (Although God does nothing, those who approach Him with love and surrender derive everything)

Although God does nothing by way of small miracles, the entire universe which has emanated from Him is the miracle of miracles. The more we ponder on anything in the universe — even the meanest of things — the more miraculous it appears to the human mind. And the universe, which includes an infinite […]