The Sanctification of Married Life – Married life must be in Iine with divine plan

The spiritual value of married life is directly related to the nature of the preponderant factors that determine its daily course. If it is based upon shallow considerations, it can deteriorate into a partnership in selfishness aimed against the rest of the world. If it is inspired by lofty idealism, it can rise to […]

The Sanctification of Married Life – Conditions of marriage precipitate changes in inner life

In one sense married life may be looked upon as the intensification of most human problems. As such it becomes the rallying ground for the forces of bondage as well as for the forces of freedom, the factors of ignorance as well as the factors of light. As the married life of ordinary persons […]

The Sanctification of Married Life – Married life calls forth sublimation


The relative values of the various sides of the limited personality can best be appreciated when they become intertwined and appear in varied settings and perspectives. It is difficult to discriminate between them if they appear fitfully in a disconnected series. In married life there is ample room for varied experience, with the […]

The Sanctification of Married Life – Married life utterly different from promiscuity

Married life almost always makes many demands upon both partners for mutual adjustment and understanding, and creates many problems that were not originally expected. Though this might in a sense be true of life in general, it is particularly true of married life. In married life two souls get linked in many ways, with […]

The Sanctification of Married Life – Married life a spiritual enterprise

Most persons enter into married life as a matter of course, but marriage will become a help or a hindrance according to the manner in which it is handled. There is no doubt that some immense spiritual possibilities are accessible through married life, but all this depends upon having the right attitude. From the […]

“Wake up from the dream!” – Make others happy

Christ said the very same thing. Why do we need another prescription?

Because humanity would never listen to him. He said the same thing: “I am the Reality. All follow me. Wake up from the dream!” None listened. The same thing is repeating again. That is why I tell you, love me more and […]

“Wake up from the dream!” – Baba grace alone can awaken us from vacant dream

Then Baba tells her: “Ella, that was a dream when you slept. But now I say this is another dream; while you are living and working, while you are sitting here near me, all that you see here, this New York City, and my lovers here, and Baba himself sitting here, it is nothing […]

“Wake up from the dream!” – Dreaming within a dream

After the laughter that followed, Baba himself narrated:

Baba told Ella that all this is nothing but a dream. Only God is real. And God is in everything, in you and in me. When Ella goes to sleep and sees the dream in her sleep, her body is on the bed. Yet she goes […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Harmony of mind and heart implies cooperative functioning

Spiritual understanding is born of harmony between mind and heart. This harmony of mind and heart does not require the mixing up of their functions. It does not imply cross-functioning but cooperative functioning. Their functions are neither identical nor coordinate. Mind and heart must of course be balanced, but this balance cannot be secured […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Heart must be free to determine ends of life

The mind is the treasure-house of learning, but the heart is the treasure-house of spiritual wisdom. The so-called conflict between religion and science arises only when there is no appreciation of the relative importance of these two types of knowledge. It is futile to try to glean knowledge of true values by exercise of […]