The Avenues to Understanding – Conditions for harmony between mind and heart

Between the two extremes of a life harassed by wants and a life completely free from wants, it is possible to arrive at a mode of practical life in which there is harmony between the mind and the heart. When there is such harmony, the mind does not dictate the ends of life but […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Freedom from wants possible only in supramental existence

The intellect of most persons is harnessed by innumerable wants. From the spiritual point of view, such a life is the lowest type of human existence. The highest type of human existence is free from all wants and is characterized by sufficiency or contentment. Everyone is seeking happiness, but few have it; for lasting […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Spirit glimpsed only through heart

When a person has his eye on the results of actions instead of being concerned solely with their intrinsic worth, he is trying to tackle spiritual problems through the mind alone and, in doing so, is interfering with the proper functioning of the heart. Mind wants to have all kinds of things and therefore […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Intellectual conviction hinders spontaneous love

When the mind seeks conviction or corroboration (through objective proofs and miracles as an aid to spiritual understanding), it is encroaching upon the sphere that properly belongs to the heart. Conviction and corroboration become important when a person desires guarantees for securing certain definite and tangible results in the objective world. Even if we […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Mind craves assurance or conviction

When the mind encroaches upon the province of the heart, it does so by requiring assurance or conviction as a precedent condition that must be fulfilled before there is a release of love. But love is nothing if it is not spontaneous. It cannot be a conclusion of reasoning. It is not a fruit […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Conflict between mind and heart

As contrasted with the method of the mind-which has its foundation in sensations and proceeds through inference and proofs to conclusions-there is the more direct method of the heart. The heart intuitively grasps the values that are progressively realized in the life of an individual as he goes through the diverse experiences of the […]

The Avenues to Understanding – Spirit not understood through mind


The different avenues that lead to spiritual understanding can be understood best through an initial distinction between spirit and matter. In order to understand matter we have material means, and in order to understand the spirit we have spiritual means. Matter is understood through the mind or the intellect working upon data given through […]

“Hold fast to my daaman”

“Your mind will play many tricks on you, and no matter what the mind does — what desires, what fears, what confusions come into the mind as a result of your following my instructions — hold fast to my daaman. Under all circumstances, obey me.”, p5351 Oct, 1968; Meherazad


“The person who neither bows down nor submits to my divine will under all conditions of life is no man at all!”

Meanwhile in Karachi, the fourteen-year-old son of Adi and Dolly Arjani, named Faredoon, suffered a fatal accident on 23 July 1968 after he fell from the first floor terrace of their bungalow. Soon after Baba was informed of this and he sent a telegram on 23 July 1968: “Those who love me never die, […]

Selfishness – Spirituality a positive attitude toward life [Final part]

Perfection consists in remaining free from the entanglements of duality. Such freedom from entanglements is the most essential requirement of unhindered creativity. But this freedom cannot be attained by running away from life for fear of entanglement. This would mean denial of life. Perfection does not consist in shrinking from the dual expressions of […]